Car Care: How to keep your car in perfect condition

There are several things you must do to keep your car in perfect condition and retain its value. In addition to regular mechanical service and maintenance, your car must also be arranged regularly to make it look new.

Car Care: How to keep your car in perfect condition

Car Care: How to keep your car in perfect condition

This means more than just going through the car wash every week. Although it takes a little longer, you will discover that the manual cleaning of your car achieves a much better result.

There are a few things you should do to keep your automobile in good shape and maintain its worth. In addition to routine mechanical servicing and maintenance, your automobile must be organized regularly to maintain its new-car appearance.

This entails more than simply a weekly trip to the vehicle wash. Although it takes a bit longer, you will find that washing your automobile by hand produces a far superior outcome. You don't have to spend a lot of money on auto care items, but you should get some. Here are some cleaning strategies that I use regularly.

Car Care: How to keep your car in perfect condition


Rinse your automobile to eliminate any remaining debris, then wash it with soapy water and a sponge. After you've cleaned the automobile completely, rinse it and dry it with a soft towel. If you don't dry your car afterward, the water drops collect dust, and when they dry, you'll have a lot of spots all over the car. This is particularly evident in dark-colored automobiles.

You should apply a product to eliminate insects and tar from the body of your automobile at least once a month. Many of these sorts of goods may be found at most auto-parts stores. One excellent product to consider removes dirt, tar, and other stains while also cleaning the car's surface.

  • Polishing and waxing your automobile regularly maintain it looking "bright" and protect the paint from sun damage.

  • Clean the wheels and polish the tires at all times. If you have alloy wheels on your car, dirt will adhere to them more easily, making them appear dull.
  • You can buy brake dust-removing wheel cleaning chemicals, but if you clean them every time you wash your car, all you need is water and a towel.

  • When cleaning tires, I always use a spray polisher since it is quick and easy to use. This not only keeps them looking new, but also protects them from the sun and enhances the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Use a surface protection agent intended to protect rubber, vinyl, and plastic from the sun's UV radiation in other outdoor places. Bumpers, rubber seals surrounding doors and windows, and the interior can all benefit from this.


To avoid wear, invest in some vehicle seat covers. They are readily removed and cleaned regularly. Every time I clean my car, I vacuum the seats and carpet. 

Deeply embedded dirt and sand cause the carpet to wear out rapidly, thus cleaning regularly is the best approach to avoid this. Investing in a mat set will keep the majority of dirt out of your carpet.

  • Use a glass cleaning agent and a soft cloth to clean the interior of your automobile windows.

  • For this, I use a common household glass cleaning spray, which appears to work well.

  • When cleaning the dashboard and other interior surfaces, avoid doing anything that might harm them.

Some vinyl and plastic surfaces might be destroyed simply by cleaning them with the incorrect product. You may also apply a surface protection spray in these areas once they've been cleaned.

Park your automobile in the garage when you are not using it. This not only keeps you out of the elements, but also keeps your clothes clean. Consider purchasing a car cover if you do not have access to a garage. Protecting your automobile from the elements as much as possible helps keep it looking great.

Additionally, automotive bodies require maintenance

The body of your automobile can withstand the toughest weather. To keep the surface sparkling bright, apply a layer of dependable, high-grade polish after each wash. To maintain the aesthetic appeal of your valued property, take care of the little dents, chafes, and marks.

Windows and headlights

Before embarking on a journey, check that all the vehicle's lights, including the headlights, parking lights, reverse-gear lights, sirens, horns, and fog lights, are in good working order. 

Before taking your automobile on a lengthy trip, you must perform the whole check-up procedure. You might get into problems at any time if you ignore even one of them.

Interior cleaning

Clean your car's inside regularly. Dust the carpets, brush the other sections of the car, clean the seats, seat coverings, and dashboard, and spray some air freshener. 

Regular cleaning is necessary to get rid of the dust and collected trash. If you don't frequently and effectively clean your automobile, it might turn into a breeding ground for numerous germs and bacteria. After finishing the advice for keeping an automobile in good shape, let's move on to some more advice;

Tips for Maintaining an Old Car

Just take special care of your ancient automobile if you still enjoy driving it to preserve your long-term connection. The following is a list of potential maintenance items:

  • Be Always on time while receiving car service.
  • Change the coolant.
  • Change the spark plug.
  • Examine the brake fluid.
  • Regularly check the condition and pressure of your tires.
  • Take your automobile for regular maintenance at least two or three times a year to a reputable shop or skilled technician.

Tips for Maintaining New Cars

Taking good care of your new car is the greatest way to enjoy it. Sharing some helpful hints to keep your automobile running like new. Follow the maintenance plan and advice provided below to ensure that your new automobile continues to feel brand-new.

  • Verify the tire pressure.
  • Verify the wheel alignment.
  • Test the battery.
  • Examine each fluid.
  • Keep both the inside and outside clean.
  • Examine/clean the wipers.
  • Dust-free air filters.

The wise choice is always to keep your vehicle in the greatest condition possible. It guarantees driving safety, improves performance, and increases the lifespan of the vehicle, and when it comes time to sell your car, it enables you to have a greater market value. After all, isn't your automobile your traveling companion?

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