The fastest car in the world : Bugatti

The fastest car: 304 miles per hour is fast in almost all traditional human measurement standards. That is 40% of the speed of sound at sea level.

the fastest car in the world : Bugatti
 the fastest car in the world : Bugatti 

 The fastest car in the world : Bugatti 

She is eleven times faster than the fastest man in the world, almost seven times faster than the fastest horse and 3.57 times faster. Then the maximum allowed vehicle speed in the United States. 

This last statistic is particularly relevant here, as it shows how incredibly fast the Bugatti Chiron is here, which has just reached 304 miles per hour in a real-world track test. That number is enough to make the Chiron you see here the fastest production car in the world.

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Look, the Chiron you see here, which hit a top speed of 304 miles an hour on the German Era Lessen racetrack on August 2nd, doesn't exactly match the irons you can buy today through the DuPont register if you have a few million in cash. 

An additional safety cell and six-point seat belts were installed to keep test driver (and Le Mans champion and previous McLaren F1 world speed record) Andy Wallace as safe as possible throughout the year. 

High-speed explosion; Michelin tires have been reinforced to withstand the extreme forces. According to Auto car, the aerodynamics and design have been changed, higher top speed has been introduced and the W16 Quad Turbo has been increased from 1,479 hp to 1,578 hp.

All of these raises the question: is the fastest car this Bugatti Chiron a production car?

Bugatti is shy with his claims and describes the record car as a "production model" and as a "pre-production vehicle for a Bugatti Chiron derivative", not as a production vehicle. However, this prototype state does not prevent the automaker from promoting the vehicle as "the first hyper car to cross the magical barrier of 300 mph".

The handful of 0.001 percent who have undoubtedly already booked their Chiron Super Sports (or whatever the production version of this car is) is unlikely to care. 

You will never approach to reach 300 miles an hour; You will be glad to know that you could theoretically stumble across Monaco if you listen to the gears they call cats. 

However, this asterisk also means that Königsberg, SSC, and other super cars/ hyper car manufacturers chasing the glory of the speed record can continue to claim that their cars have the real speed record for the speed of the fastest car in automobile production and that the endless debate is over What is the car. The fastest in the world will continue to drive in the trucks as long as there is a beer to drink.

The fastest car in Bugatti

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is one of the oldest supercars on the market, yet it's still more than capable of shattering world records. The Veyron 16.4 Super Sport was one of the biggest technological challenges ever known in the automobile industry, setting the bar even higher for both Bugatti and other hypercar rivals.

The 16.4 Super Sport was the last design from the Veyron batch, a car that outperformed itself in every way, shape, and form before the Veyron name was ultimately retired. The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is elegant, sophisticated, and absolutely one-of-a-kind, ensuring its place in history for the foreseeable future.

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