The sound of the car speakers

The Top 8 Music Lovers' Car Speakers

The Best Value Component Speaker System And The 8 Best Car Speakers For Music Lovers. MB Quart; Recommended for Music Lovers With Money To

It's a fact that Honda skipped installing a vehicle sound system in any of its 1983 Civic models, not even the opulent 1500 "S." You purchased the entire audio system from a dealer, who also installed it for you. 

After over 30 years, things have changed. It may be challenging, and sometimes almost impossible, to modify or remove any of the components in today's automobile audio systems since they are integrated at the factory and frequently connected so tightly with the rest of the car.

The sound of the car speakers
The sound of the car speakers

There is a simple, low-tech solution to your problem, so don't worry. Simply replacing your factory speakers with aftermarket ones is all that is required. The usual factory-installed vehicle speaker is made more for cost-cutting and longevity than for most audiophile enjoyment, so upgrading is an opportunity to make a significant improvement for a minor investment.

The Top 8 Car Speaker Models

  • The Focal 40th Anniversary Kit is the best choice for music fans with deep pockets.

  • Upgrade to Rockford Fosgate's Midrange 4-Pack for the best rock music.

  • Infinity Kappa Is The Best For Vehicles With 6 x 9-in. Factory Speakers.

  • Kicker 8-Pack 2-Way Speakers Are The Best For Custom Installations.

  • MB Quart PS1-316 is the Best Value Component Speaker System.

  • JBL Arena X 12 is the best custom installation subwoofer.

  • JBL GT-BassPro is the best-powered all-in-one subwoofer.

  • KICKER 11HS8 8-in. Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer Sub Enclosure: Best Boom For Crammed Cars, HS8.

The Expert: I've been an audiophile for as long as I can remember, and have spent more than 25 years creating the home and vehicle audio systems. My previous system was a high-power, subwoofer-heavy, from-scratch install in (of all things) a stick-shift Mercury Milan. 

My first system was the total wiring of a new VW Fox. I've driven Land Rovers with 16 aftermarket speakers and four amplifiers, and I've also managed with only an additional subwoofer in a complicated fiber-optic factory system. I'm passionate about having fantastic sound in my car, house, and when traveling.

What to Consider When Changing Your Car Speakers

When in doubt, just take out and measure your current speakers before replacing them with one of comparable size. Many car speaker installations leave a lot of "slack," and there are several "standard" sizes that ought to fit in most vehicles. The most crucial measurement, speaker depth, shouldn't be overlooked. A capable local shop is best suited to install the majority of these goods.

Tweeters and Woofers

The day when one speaker was expected to replicate the whole musical spectrum, as the old portable AM radios did, is long gone. Modern automobile speakers focus on a certain musical genre. 

The highest notes are handled by tweeters, and woofers handle the lowest frequencies. Subwoofers, which provide the ultra-low "boom" you hear in the cars next to you in traffic, and mid-range speakers, which fill in voices, guitar, and other middle-of-the-road sounds, are features of more powerful systems.

Origin and Sign

Make sure a traditional wire with positive and negative leads is used to power your speakers. If you're unsure whether your automobile uses optical cable or a "common ground" wiring scheme, ask an expert.

Selecting an Upgrade

Which speakers should you select if you can't replace them all at once? Go big first! To put it another way, replace your car's larger speakers with its lesser ones. The bigger ones are in charge of producing the majority of the noise in your cockpit, so a change will be more noticeable than, say, replacing the tweeters in your car's A-pillar.

It also makes sense to spend your money first upfront if you're the driver. Certain systems have a large front bias regardless of what you do with the fader knob, thus in some circumstances, even the passengers in the back will appreciate you doing this.

How We Choose These Auto Speakers

Over the last three decades, I've built, installed, and listened to hundreds of high-end car-stereo speaker systems as a lifelong audiophile and sound-system builder for both homes and automobiles. 

I've investigated and listened to several of these systems, so I know what functions well and what doesn't. This knowledge helped me choose and endorse the speakers listed below.

The ability of speakers to explain, and the largest error purchasers make, are some topics covered by our expert Jack Barth. He also offers advice on how to tell whether your automobile is ready to rock.

How should a repaired car sound? 

How can you tell whether the operation was successful?

A well-upgraded system ought to accomplish these three goals. You should feel more "within" the song and more surrounded by the instruments as if you are actually in the recording studio. 

It ought to enhance the clarity of your sound, enabling you to detect the breath of a vocalist or the squeak of an acoustic guitar chord change. When the volume is turned up, the music should also physically affect you, with drums and other percussion instruments causing a reaction in your skin or chest.

How much electricity will my new speakers require?

A: Despite popular belief, power in automotive audio clarifies. Each speaker has a recommended power level; if you can afford it, you should always err on the high side. 

Even if you're not the crank-it-up type, a more potent amplifier is less likely to cause the music to sound distorted at your usual listening volume.

Is there a difference in the woofer and tweeter cone materials?

A high-end paper cone will always sound better than a cheap aluminum or carbon-fiber cone; generally speaking, the quality of the speaker maker matters more than the materials. However, for durability and water resistance, think about using an "exotic" material like titanium or carbon if you drive a Jeep or a convertible.

Q: What is the mistake made when buying car speakers?

A: Buying a more expensive, larger speaker with the expectation that it will be louder. It could be, but the sound quality will cost you. 

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