2022 Range Rover: what we all know thus fa

 All-new Range Rover luxury SUV will feature electrified engines and new styling – here's everything you would like to understand ...

2022 Range Rover: what we all know thus fa
2022 Range Rover: what we all know thus fa

When it debuted just over 50 years ago, the first Range Rover changed the way we thought about off-roaders. It combined powerful engines, a polished ride, and an elegant interior with true mud-plugging capability, making it popular among farmers and aristocracy alike. 

The all-new, fifth-generation Range Rover will be ready to span continents and conquer mountains while keeping its occupants in the lap of luxury, much like the first.

The new model will keep the same towering, boxy form as its predecessors, as well as the signature deep, broad grille and split tailgate. 

Slim headlights, similar to those on the Range Rover Velar, and stacked taillights, similar to those on the recently released Defender, will be among the modern stylistic accents.

  • While the new Range Rover's outer look will remain mostly the same, the new Range Rover will mark a significant technological leap forward. 
  • To begin with, the automobile rides on new underpinnings that are expected to be stronger and lighter than those used today. 
  • The car will come with a new rear-wheel steering system in most models, making it easier to operate in town.

2021 Range Rover: what we all know thus fa

2021 Range Rover engines

The new Range Rover will still be available with traditional petrol and diesel engines, but the majority of them will include mild-hybrid technology to cut CO2 emissions while also improving fuel efficiency. There will be numerous hybrid plug-in variants as well. 

The current P400e, which has a 31-mile electric golf range, will be carried over, but will be joined by a successor product that will travel at least 50 miles without using any gasoline. Versions with a 4.4-liter V8 petrol engine will be the most powerful in the lineup.

A pure electric version of the car is also being considered, although it's unclear whether it would be sold in the United Kingdom, especially since Land Rover aims to debut its first customized electric, the Road Rover, in 2022.

Our reigning Luxury SUV of the Year, the Audi Q7, is pictured testing alongside prototype versions of the new Range Rover among rivals such as the Mercedes-Maybach GLS and BMW X7 luxury SUVs. Other important opponents for the new Range Rover are the Mercedes-Maybach GLS and BMW X7 luxury SUVs. The new Range Rover will be available in both standard and long-wheelbase versions for the time being.

2022 Range Rover interior

Inside, the Range Rover will feature a similar infotainment system to that seen in the Defender. Pivi Pro is a ten-inch touchscreen with wi-fi, safe vehicle tracking, and the ability to execute over-the-air software upgrades, allowing new capabilities to be unlocked without needing to visit a dealer. Digital instruments will become the norm.

Buyers should look for at least the same amount of passenger and boot capacity as today's model, as well as Land Rover's newest driver aid and safety features. This is anticipated to include a semi-autonomous system that can, at the absolute least, maintain the Range Rover in its lane on the highway while also managing the vehicle's acceleration and braking.

2022 Range Rover price

The current Range Rover begins at £83,465, making it more expensive than most competitors. The starting price of the new model is expected to climb marginally, to roughly £85,000.

A smaller and less expensive Range Rover Sport, similar to the current lineup, is expected to appear soon after the normal Range Rover goes on sale. It will still have seven seats and still be able to employ the same foundations and engines as its bigger brother.

Will the 2018 Range Rover win a place among our favorite luxury SUVs while competing against some fierce rivals? If you follow the link to the next story, you'll be able to check our current class favorites and see if the Range Rover is one of them.

The next Range Rover is one of 14 automobiles in the running for the 2022 What Car? Reader Award, which will go to the most anticipated new model. Here's where you'll vote.

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