How do I disable the GPS tracker in my car?

These instructions will show you ways to disable a GPS disabler from my vehicle. Please note that the lien holder may know if your car is under lien once you disable the GPS

They are doing so to guard themselves so that they take your car if you do not buy your bills.

How do I disable the GPS tracker in my car?

These are the tools I use when I want to disable GPS; The screwdriver I used to remove the trim under the dashboard, folds for cutting wire, and a wire connector. Now am I getting to offer you steps on how you'll disable your car GPS

Locate the GPS

After signing a contract, we are always shown the situation of the device. What's funny is that they always tell us that the device is hidden and can't be found. But I located it using the subsequent tricks;

  • Always, the device needs a transparent shot to the sky to receive a GPS signal
  • It requires a transparent shot to nail down its signal status
  • The device must be present upon ignition, since the device operates by interfering with the start-up signal
  • Its attribute to be lazy, so that they cannot hide it forever

To locate the device, you want to access your dashboard from the underside. Look for wires that are thicker than the traditional wires and therefore the wires connected to the upper part of the car. 


Here, you want to understand what you're trying to find, the device may be a plastic device that has an equivalent size as a deck, and it's 2 wires running into the ignition wires. Don't think twice; remove the electrical tape and zip ties. However, you want to take care to not break or cut the wire directly connected to your car. You would possibly ruin it.

Ensure you have access to all or any of the components

In my case, I had six wires. One wire was connected to the GPS antenna; this suggests it needed a transparent disconnection. I tracked the wire to the highest of the car and eliminated the trim around the door. The other wire was the GSM antenna itself; it had been near the attention.

The wire connected to the ignition supplies power to the device and disconnects it. And the opposite wire goes to the ground of the car. Then the corresponding three wires are connected to the burner, and once they are cut, you cannot start or flip your car.

Now we will remove the components

Caution, confirm you remove the negative cable from your battery first. This may make sure that the device reports that the car has no battery after deactivating it; the device features a small battery that will last up to three days.

The safest thanks to removing these components are by first disconnecting the receiver's antenna, then pulling the attention or antenna part. At first, I assumed of doing it the hard way.

Mend your ignition

Since your device is removed, connect the ignition wires. You want to make sure that the black wires are connected. The red wire was damaged, and that I chose to get rid of it and fix it with another wire.

After reconnecting the terminals of the battery, you should start your car directly if you follow this process correctly.

Reassemble your car

Connect the plastic reduce together and carry your car back to the parking.

How does one know if someone is employing a tracker on you?

As all trackers are small, most of them are invisible. They will be placed anywhere on the car, so I found it knowing to discuss the way to know that you simply have a tracker on your car. Unfortunately, unless you see it, it's hard to understand if you're being tracked.

In case you think that the tactic didn't work, install a GPS tracking device to ascertain if you're being tracked. The GPS tracking device is a little, sort of matchbox – it's black or gray. They're used on rare occasions. Once a GPS tracking device is found, it's easier to shut it down remotely. Stopping your car engine is that the best, thanks to doing this; this may buy you time to work out the way to dislocate it.


For anyone thinking of removing the GPS, remember that you simply signed a contract for it once you bought your car. So, if you remove it, you void your contract, and your vehicle is going to be on the search. You would possibly be required to, even by removing the GPS, but that's in some states.

Understand the uses of a GPS

GPS are often utilized in some ways, but we'll highlight a few;

  • Used to locate you
  • Locate lost items
  • Retrieving and recovering stolen cars
  • Tracking the unlawful


I decided to finish the discussion with some uses of a GPS to understand the danger and advantages of a GPS tracking device; please note that after removing the tracker, your car can't be tracked just in case of theft unless you've got your tracker.

This content is accurate and faithful to the simplest of the author’s knowledge, and isn't meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a professional.

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