Summer is fast approaching... Road trips are waiting for you? Can't resist a little weekend at the beach?

Sunshine, saltwater, and sand are perfect for your morale, but they can damage your vehicle.


Summer car

Fortunately, there are simple and practical solutions to make sure everything goes smoothly at the wheel of your car. Here are our 10 tips that will preserve your car in summer!

1. Car overhaul

Check your vehicle's service log for the next overhaul. If the date falls in the coming weeks, or you will exceed the mileage threshold before the end of the holidays, it may be useful to schedule a review before the big departure.

The qualified professional in charge of your car can check many essential points, such as brakes, shock absorbers, oil level, and battery.

2. Checking your battery

Let's talk about the battery. After a few months of confinement, when you have not been driving much, it may be flat or start to show signs of fatigue.

This is not likely to change over time, as batteries are particularly stressed in summer. During this period, the number of devices to be recharged, such as the GPS, the smartphone for music, the cooler, or even the mini-fan, is often increased.

For peace of mind, you can ask for expertise in your care center to find out whether to change it.

3. Control your tires!

By carefully inspecting your tires, you can see small asperities at the bottom of the sculptures. These simply wear indicators. When the tread has reached the controls, it is necessary to change your tires.

Also take the time to check that there is no of abnormal wear, that is, a deformed or very grated part on the edges of one of your tires. In addition, most service stations have a free and easy-to-use tire inflation terminal.

4. Maintenance of your windshield

Between the insects that love to jump on your car as soon as you take a fast lane, frequent thunderstorms, and pine sap, the windshield is subjected to severe tests from the start of the good weather. It is best to clean it regularly with a mild detergent suitable for this purpose and not to rub.

For windshield wipers, rubber parts can be washed with hot water and white vinegar, but if worn, replacement is required.

5. Review your air conditioning system

Because air conditioning is your best ally when the mercury hovers around 35 °C, make sure to check that it is working well before you go on holiday by car.

Enjoy our air conditioning interviews!

After you have tried it and if you notice a strange smell, you can use an air conditioning sanitizer. It is a product sold as an aerosol and which eliminates bacteria and another mold very effectively.

6. Changing your cabin filter

Did you know that there was a passenger compartment filter in your car? It is a filter that purifies the air passing through the ventilation system and cleans it of pollen and certain particles. 

It is considered that you have to change this accessory every 15,000 km or so, but you can do it early if you live in the city, because pollution tends to clog it faster.

Refer to your car manufacturer's manual to find out where it is located. If you are very sensitive or traveling with young children, do not hesitate to opt for a polyphenol filter, which has the particularity of blocking all allergens present in the air.

7. Rinsing sand and salt

There is nothing better than a beach holiday to make the whole family smile!

To keep the mood going, remember to rinse your car regularly. Salt and sand are particularly corrosive and can cause micro-scratches on the paint.

Ideally, you can maintain your vehicle about once a week, using high-pressure cleaning or a simple water jet. And don’t forget to remove the sand from the cabin with a vacuum cleaner!

8. Full of cleaning products!

To maintain your car in summer, you need a good shampoo that washes and polishes, an anti-insect cleaner or an anti-resin for the windshield, and some wipes to take care of the interior plastics... However, the frequency of washing is much higher than the products used. 

To keep your vehicle impeccable, plan to have one cleaning per month, or even two if you are going to the seaside.

9. Choice of protections

To avoid overheating when parking in the sun, you can choose a sun visor to place under the windshield.

There are also solar films, but they are reserved for the rear side windows and the rear window. Suction curtains are an easier solution to put on, but their design sometimes lacks a little elegance... See you!

10. Finally, consider contacting your insurance...

It’s a little less joyful than preparing the car for the holidays, but it may be time to take a look at your insurer to find out what risks your contract covers.

For example, how does your cargo home if you have an accident abroad? Is a replacement vehicle planned? This ensures that you can travel with peace of mind and be covered when needed.

With these tips, you are ready to enjoy the summer in peace.

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