Repair a windshield: 5 tips and advice

For perfect visibility of the road, your windshield must be perfect. However, it can be split or broken because of various projections. Here are some tips on choosing the right time to repair it and some tips on maintaining it.

An impeccable windshield ensures perfect visibility on the road. In good condition, this element also protects passengers from rain and wind. But accidents are inevitable. 

A projection is all that is needed for a slit to appear on the window. When and how to fix it? Here are pro-tips.

Repair a windshield: 5 tips and advice

The right time to repair your windshield

Repairing your windshield in time saves you costly replacements later. However, this operation is not necessarily mandatory in the event of an impact. It all depends on the size and location of your windshield. 

Of course, a surface shard is irreparable, but no intervention is necessary since this type of impact presents no danger. However, a beef star, slot, or bubble must be repaired. Otherwise, the crack may grow. For some damage, replacement of the windshield is inevitable:

  • An impact similar to the size of a €2 piece;
  • An alteration in the driver's field of view;
  • The presence of 3 impacts exceeding 1 cm;
  • A significant crack;
  • Impacts within 2 cm of the rain detector.

Rolling with a cracked windshield: is it risky?

The answer is yes. The main hazard of a chipped or cracked windshield is loss of visibility. A reduced field of view can put your safety, that of passengers and other drivers at risk. You should also be aware that certain factors can turn an impact into a crack and cause your windshield to burst:

  • Road vibrations;
  • Thermal shocks (high heat or frost).

The cost of repair is less than the cost of replacement. You can even get compensation from your insurance company if you have an ice-breaking contract. Coverage may include:

  • The windshield;
  • The rear window;
  • Side windows;
  • The headlights.

The glazed elements are insured depending on the contracts.

Is your windshield too damaged? There is a good chance that the window will not withstand the impact caused by the deployment of the passenger airbag in the event of an accident. If the impact significantly obstructs your field of vision, you may be fined during a road test. Such damage may also result in a mandatory check-back. The same is true if your windshield seal peels off or has more than 3 impacts.

Waiting for repair

Ideally, you should act quickly in case of a breach or crack on your windshield. If you are unable to repair it immediately, you must comply with certain security measures, namely:

  • Put a protective pad on the crack;
  • Drive slower, especially when passing the retarder;
  • Avoid potholes;
  • Avoid exposing your car to the sun.

Repair a windshield: the right method

You can get a windshield repair kit to do a clogging yourself in about 45 minutes. Thanks to a specific colorless resin, the crack will be resorbed. This trick allows the glass to regain its initial optical qualities and rigidity. Don’t worry about the aesthetics of your car! The damage will be virtually invisible once the resin is dried. The repaired surface must be perfectly smooth.

Note that some impacts are irreparable. The only option left is to replace your windshield. Choose a suitable window, protect the bodywork, cut the seal with a cutter, remove the broken windshield... The steps to follow are quite long. If you don’t feel like tinkering, don’t hesitate to call a professional in your city. Sortie will help you find it in no time.

Tips on how to maintain your windshield in excellent shape

A well-maintained windshield is more resistant to shocks. You can either use a Scooter, or you can do the cleaning yourself. If water mixed with bicarbonate is insufficient to remove dirt, use:

  • Wipes to wipe the inside surface of your windshield;
  • An anti-mosquito net and anti-dung product for the outer wall.

Also, consider replacing the wiper blades in your car once a year. Finally, drive less quickly on gravel roads and respect the safe distance on motorways.

Need help fixing your windshield?

Is your windshield broken, cracked, or scratched? In just a few clicks on Sortie, you will find specialized repairers to save or replace the window. Once your ad is published, you will receive offers that meet your expectations, regardless of your budget. 

As a small tip, choose a repairer near you to get an affordable rate and a quick response. The technicians registered on sortie also offer other services. You can kill two birds with one stone by having them wash your car, drain oil, replace your mirrors or mount your bumper.

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