New Aston Martin DBX


Aston Martin DBX: a crossover in the art of the possible

GAYDON, 26 MARCH 2015, Early March, at the Geneva Motor Show, Gaydon's new boss for the past 150 days, Andy Palmer, unveils the concept car of a 4-seater electric crossover in black chrome pearl color (Black Pearl Chromium): the Aston Martin DBX

The letters DB correspond to the initials of David Brown, owner of the brand from 1947 to 1972, as a guarantee of the sportsmanship of each of the models produced by the British manufacturer. The X means integral transmission.

New Aston Martin DBX
New Aston Martin DBX

Andy Palmer likes to elaborate on what the acronym doesn't say: «this concept is not ready to be launched, but it represents our first declaration of intent on how the Grand Tourism car sector should and, in our view, should evolve in the years to come. It is not science fiction to want to think about it outside the conventions defined by this segment. I can tell you today that tomorrow we will launch a car in this new space of the DBX, not only stylish and luxurious but also more practical, family and ecological. This is our vision of the art of possible ».

This DBX concept of an Aston Martin with an additional luggage compartment under the hood instead of a V8 or V12 engine breaks with the brand's DNA and may indeed be surprising. However, the idea of an elevated 4-seat hatchback GT, designed for daily use, is probably the most important factor affecting the commercial future of the British manufacturer, whose deliveries have fallen to the level of 4,000 units per year, far from the 7,000 units in 2007.

The strategy described as « total » clearly seeks to broaden the audience by targeting a new generation of wealthy clients, younger and more feminine, increasingly seduced by SUV and crossover models. A profile that exactly matches that of buyers in emerging markets, especially China. In 2014, Porsche delivered the largest number of Cayenne SUVs (20,844 ex. on 65,000) and 5-door Panama limousines (9.250 exes).

In early January, Aston Martin announced that it had hired Michael Mingshan Peng, the former sales manager and then China PR manager for the Porsche brand.

Gaydon’s firm began its second century of existence with a mental revolution, financially supported by its shareholders, Investment DAR of Kuwait and Investindustrial, who will reinvest 150 million pounds (203 million euros) in the company. Daimler, which owns 5% of Aston Martin Agenda Ltd., is also ready to participate in the next generation of cars by developing new V8 engines and a common platform for an SUV model.

At the end of 2014, the brand has already revived its prestigious Lagonda signature for a new limousine model. First reserved for Gulf customers, this Aston Martin Taraf is now available on European markets. 

  • At the Geneva Motor Show, Aston also confirmed its position in the segment of supercars not approved for the road with a Vulcan car produced only 24 copies.
  • With his project for a new crossover model, no doubt hybrid, inevitably sporty and luxurious, Aston Martin confirms that he wants to start the race for high-end SUVs. 
  • There is no shortage of projects from competitors such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Maserati, and possibly Lamborghini, all of which have the industrial support of large groups.

For the independent company Aston Martin, the challenge is to design a more accessible vehicle, without losing the soul so desirable and cherished by the elite of purists and collectors. Agent James Bond’s favorite car brand, 007 seems determined to launch Operation Crossover.

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