Readers In Search Of The Most Beautiful Cars

Mercedes and Audi are the two big winners of the Autonis readers' choice of "Auto Motor und Sport". The two premium brands each won three awards. A total of 14,326 readers of the print and digital offerings voted. 

The readers' choice for the design novelties of the year, which is unique in the German-speaking area, took place for the 21st time. A total of 117 models were selected, the most important new releases of the past twelve months. In addition, readers chose the best interior design and the design brand of the year among a total of 44 brands.

What is the most attractive car brand?

In fact, only 7 percent found BMW to be an attractive and distinctive brand.

Readers In Search Of The Most Beautiful Cars
Readers In Search Of The Most Beautiful Cars

The world's most beautiful cars

Mercedes can decide both categories. In the "Design Brand of the Year" category, Mercedes can only beat Audi (11.4 percent) by a narrow margin of 0.4 percentage points, at 11.8 percent. BMW (10.5 percent) is also a third-place finisher, with only a small distance. 

Mercedes, on the other hand, clearly outperformed the following positions in the interior with a total of 25.4 percent, which is also occupied by Audi (15.0 percent) and BMW (14.3 percent).

  • Of the ten vehicle categories, Audi wins three Autonis awards, more than any other brand. 
  • With the E-Tron GT, the brand wins the "top class" category (25.0 points). 
  • In the category "compact SUVs" the Q4 E-Tron prevails (15.4 points), in the category "Large SUVs" the E-Tron Sportback prevails (13.0 points). 
  • With the new C-Class, Mercedes holds its own in the "middle class" category (25.3 points).

VW wins two awards: With the Golf R the category "compact car" (25,4 points) and the new Multivan the category "Vans" (41,1 points). 

The result in the category "small cars" is particularly exciting. Here the new Fabia from Škoda (25.8 points) wins with a clear distance in front of the Mini (20.4 points). Although the Mini has more positive reviews (37.1 points), the design of the small car from the BMW Group seems to polarize strongly, so that it also scored 16.7 negative points - far more than for the Fabia. This decision shows the selection mode of Autonis: The participants chose the two most beautiful models in each category, but also up to two models each, which they liked less.

In the "Minicars" category, the Toyota Yaris GR wins by a large margin (39.3 points). The victory is even clearer in two particularly emotional categories:

In the category "Convertibles", the Ferrari Portofino M (41.0 points) is the winner. The winner in the category "sports car" achieved the clearest lead of the entire readers' choice with 42.4 points: the Porsche 911 GT3. (room)

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