Renault: All new products until 2025

Renault will be up-to-date in the coming years. The diamond brand is preparing to launch many models between now and 2025. Between renewals and exclusives, the strategic plan "Renaulution" foresees no less than 19 novelties by 2025 if one details the calendar shared by the manufacturer last week (see photo below).

Renault: All new products until 2025

Including 9 models for private customers, a total of 6 utilities (the Kangoo and the Express Van for example), and 4 models that will be distributed internationally. Furthermore, because the Renault Group as a whole (Renault, Dacia, Lada, Alpine, and the new Mobilize brand) has the project of offering the largest choice of "green" vehicles on the European market (30% of which are electric models), 7 of these 19 new vehicles will be 100% electric. Most of them will be assembled at the Douay plant in northern France.

The new Renault in 2021 Arkana

  • This is the only model that Renault has not bothered to tarnish in its calendar. 
  • And for good reason, it has already been introduced. 
  • The Arkana will be the first cut SUV produced by a general-purpose manufacturer. 
  • Although he almost reproduces the lines of the Russian model, he leaves behind his underwear of Dacia Duster. 

The version for France assembled in South Korea alongside its twin brother, the Samsung XM3, is based on the same platform as the Clio and Captur. No all-wheel-drive version, but it receives the successful hybrid powertrain of the Clio E-Tech and could become a plug-in hybrid afterward. Microhybridization is also on the program. The 1.3 TCe will be divided into two power levels (140 and 160 hp). With its singular positioning, its price should be higher than that of the aging Kadjar, probably, €30000 for the first price.

Kangoo and Express Van

Another major event of 2021, the third generation Kangoo, will finally put an end to the extended career of its predecessor (13 years). Its style will be modernized and will follow the codes of the latest Renault models. In addition to the judo space version, there is the enterprise utility, the Kangoo Van. Both are based on the same architecture as the Mégane, Scénic, and Talisman. 

Renault is announcing an increase in services and even a real revolution inside, even if the latter has still not been officially unveiled, like the rear. An electric version will be available in 2022. Professionals who don’t want to spend too much can also opt for the Express Van, which is no other than a Dacia Dokker with clever makeup.

Electric megaphone

At the end of the year, Renault will present the series version of the 100% electric Mégane, prefigured by the Mégane eVision concept car. This future model will be produced at the Douai plant and will be based on the CMF-EV platform inaugurated by the Nissan Ariya SUV. A bit like the Citroën C4, it will evolve halfway between sedan and crossover with a high silhouette. 

If it is the same size as the eVision concept (4.21 m), it will be ten centimeters shorter than the current one. But with its electric architecture (flat floor) and a generous wheelbase (2.70 m for the concept), the interior space will not suffer, Renault announces dimensions equivalent to those of a model 15 to 30 cm long. It is a capital model for Luca de Meo who wanted to develop segment C (Mégane, Kadjar) as a priority since they generate more margin than small models (Clio, Captur). Thermal and hybrid magazines will remain on the catalog for some time.

The new Renault in 2022 Kadjar

The next Kadjar will be presented towards the end of 2022. As a capital model, it will have the heavy task of succeeding where the first of the name failed - causing harm to the Peugeot 3008. It will always share its platform and many elements with the Nissan Qashqai. 

Renault will have to fine-tune its SUV interior and technology offering, with the 3008 remaining ahead in both areas. We expect micro-hybrid engines but also a plug-in hybrid and hybrid offer, like his grandmother the Captur.

The new Renault in 2023 Kadjar 7 places

Towards the end of 2023, the Kadjar will expand to offer what neither it (4.48 m) nor the largest Koleos (4.67 m) offer at Renault, that is seven seats. With such a model, the diamond can finally offer an alternative to the Peugeot 5008, Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, and other Skoda Kodiaq.


At the end of 2023, Renault is expected to follow up on the 2020 Morphoz concept car, although, due to industrial logic, it will not be possible to vary the length of the series model. This crossover will be to the Nissan Ariya what the Kadjar is to the Qashqai. It will be based on the same CMF-EV electric platform. In terms of technical characteristics, we can expect a power of 220 hp to 390 hp, batteries of 63 kWh and 87 kWh, and, at your choice, traction or full transmission.

He will be the star of the year in 2023 and the Renault 5 series will look exactly like the concept car presented at the Renault, as Gilles Vidal has confirmed. 100% electric, it will be manufactured - like the Mégane electric - at the Douai plant. It could replace both the electric Twingo (which will have no descendants) and the Zoe. Its prices should start around, €20000.

The new Renault in 2024 Back to top

The Koleos, Talisman, and other spaces no longer seduce, these models will disappear. The question is how. Renault has planned to return to the D segment at the beginning of 2024. Of the three models mentioned, Espace is the most iconic. In 2024, it will celebrate its 40th anniversary. But MPVs are in disarray. 

If it were to go further than the current model and become a 7-seat crossover, it could lose its name because Espace is too connotated mon corps. But it will not be called Koleos, because the two generations have fallen apart. Finally, Renault cannot completely abandon the road segment (508, Insignia, etc.). Even before the launch of the Latitude, it had a project of 4-door coupe Mercedes CLS style. An update would be welcome.

Reinventing the Scenic

Renault will also introduce a new vehicle in the C segment in mid-2024. Certainly, the Scenic will not be renewed as it is, as MPVs no longer have the rating. One can imagine that the diamond prepares a crossover progeny to thermal and hybrid magazines.

The new Renault in 2025 The return of the Zoe?

Finally, in 2025, Renault has planned to release a second 100% electric model that will support the Renault 5. The latter will replace it for a time, but it could be the second generation Zoe which, although it has been extensively restyled in 2019, will celebrate its 12th anniversary. Unless the French manufacturer prepares a 100% electric urban SUV to compete with the Peugeot e-2008, DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, and other Hyundai Kona electric.

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