What Should I Do If My Car Won't start?

Don't give up if your automobile won't start after you turn the key. Because there are so many factors beneath the hood that might prevent a car from starting, starting issues can be quite aggravating. 

Try these basic ways to get your car started again before calling for a tow.

What Should I Do If My Car Won't start?

Examine the Battery

One of the probable causes of a car not starting is a drained or dead battery. When attempting to start a car with a dead battery, there will be a few telltale symptoms. Slow-cranking, as well as any dimming of the lighting or display on the instruments and dashboard, are all signs of a dead battery. 

During start-up, an ailing battery will also cause severe dimming of the headlights. Start the engine with another battery or a charger if the battery is low.

The Ignition Key Won't Turn

When the steering is locked by the ignition lock with the front wheels turned away or one of the front wheels is forced against anything, this happens frequently. When you pull the key out of the ignition, your car's steering lock snaps into place. 

This means that if your automobile is hot wired, criminals won't be able to steer it. The steering wheel is sometimes cranked to exactly the correct angle to prevent your key from disengaging the steering wheel lock. In this scenario, gently jiggling the ignition key while rotating the steering wheel left and right may assist to unlock the steering lock.

Examine the Fuel

Check to see whether you have enough gas in your tank. Fuel-injected vehicles are extremely sensitive to fuel pressure. If the pressure is incorrect, even by a few pounds, it will result in significant performance issues or a no-start situation. 

Make sure you have enough gasoline by using a test gauge to check for adequate fuel pressure. If your Anti-Theft light is blinking, the anti-theft system is preventing the engine from starting by disconnecting the gasoline pump.

Examine the Fuses

It might be a minor issue, such as a blown fuse that is preventing the car from starting. Fuses are frequently installed alongside beginning systems for protection, and if the fuse blows at any stage, the entire system is rendered unusable. Although not all automobiles have a fuse attached to the starting mechanism, a quick check of the fuses can immediately rule this out.

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