This is why the car does not go into training gear (D)

 This is why the car does not go into training gear (D)

After a year or two of owning a car, most people know their vehicle. So when he starts behaving differently, it's easy to notice right away.

Every time it twitches and bumps or makes the slightest weird noise, you might even stop to open the hood, check all the tires, or look at anything else to figure out where the problem is. This is especially true when you need to know the answer to questions like Why doesn't the automatic car switch to drive (D)?

This is why the car does not go into training gear (D)
This is why the car does not go into training gear (D)

First, the answer to this question may vary depending on the car breakdown and from one vehicle to another. Therefore, diagnosis is not always easy. On the other hand, there are common reasons why these issues can occur. So let's start by discussing 3 of the most common reasons your car won't stop (D).


  1. Neglecting Basic Transmission Maintenance.
  2. Automatic Transmission Oil Leaks. 
  3. The Shift Lever Is Locked In Park (P).
  4. How Much Does it cost to fix an automatic car that won't move when you turn it on?
  5. Conclusion

Neglecting basic transmission maintenance

Hopefully, if this issue is related to regular maintenance on your vehicle's transmission, you simply need to add more transmission fluid because the fluid level is too low.

So if you have a bottle of gear oil in your car, you can add this fluid right away to fix this issue. Or, depending on the situation, you may need someone to buy a bottle or two of gear oil and have it delivered to your door. In any case, this is a common issue that is usually caused by neglecting this area of ​​car maintenance.

Automatic transmission oil leaks

However, if this problem is related to a transmission fluid leak, it may not just be a matter of refilling transmission oil because the fluid level is too low.

Instead, you may need to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop to identify the source of the leak, especially since these leaks can come back. In any case, this is a common issue that can eventually lead to more expensive repairs, especially if left unresolved over a long period.

The shift lever is locked in Park (P).

Another common issue some riders may encounter at some point is how to deal with a stuck shifter. Fortunately, this is an issue you can fix yourself by following your automaker's instructions.

It's also worth noting that there might be underlying concerns. However, this is only a temporary solution until you contact your technician for a more permanent solution.

How much does it cost to fix an automatic car that won't move when you turn it on?

If you're like most vehicle owners, this type of issue can be very annoying and frustrating right from the start. Since these types of car problems can lead to significant downtime, costly and unexpected repairs, and transportation issues that aren't always easy to resolve, many drivers' first concern is the actual cost of these repairs. Mechanical.

So, until the actual issue is diagnosed, you can get a possible estimate of what these issues could be costing you out of pocket.

With this in mind, the cost of repairing problems with your gearbox can vary as follows:

  • The cost of buying a few bottles of gear oil: around $8-20 per liter
  • The cost of repairing a transmission oil leak can be as low as $150 to replace a gasket to around $1,000 to buy a new torque converter.
  • The cost to repair or replace your vehicle's permanently damaged transmission can run into thousands of dollars, depending on the diagnostic solution.


The reason your car won't go into Drive (D) is an automotive issue that should be addressed proactively rather than as an afterthought. Regular maintenance and proper transmission oil filling can prevent these and other issues.

Therefore, as a vehicle owner, you must ensure that you are prepared in all respects. From making sure you have access to your car manufacturer's owner's manual for these and other faults, to make sure your transmission is inspected as recommended, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent your car from failing. 

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