Range Rover Evoque Review

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The Range Rover Evoque has long been one of the most appealing cars in its class, but the latest iteration now has the substance to match its aesthetics. It's not only stylish on the inside and out, but it's also a pleasure to drive. It's also suitable for a small family and comes with several luxurious amenities.

Range Rover Evoque Review
Range Rover Evoque Review

There's something to a vehicle said for making an entrance, and the first Evoque accomplished just that in 2011. Because the products at the time, such as the Audi Q3 and BMW X1, were very old-fashioned and clumsy, more like high sedans than smaller ATVs, the luxury compact SUV craze had yet to take off at nearly the same stratospheric pace that it has since. So it was a complete surprise when the Evoque debuted.

Amidst the clumsiness, elegance suddenly appeared. The Evoque's bold, angular details and sharp lines made it stand out from just about any car, let alone the run-of-the-mill competition, and just about anyone who laughed at cars at the time wanted one for that reason. Only.

In truth, it was not such a brilliant car in many other ways, but its amazing appearance nonetheless ensured great success.

Fast-forward to 2019. Small SUVs, prestige or not, are all the rage. Competition from Audi and BMW have seriously upped their game, in terms of styling and a host of other areas, and the popularity of this type of car means there are more competitors than ever. That means the second-generation Evoque will have its work cut out for it if it wants to keep a pampered audience's favor.

It's best, then, that the latest Evoque is an absolute crack of a car. The competition may have upped their game, but don't think Land Rover has rested on its laurels.

The first significant enhancement is in the driving experience. While the initial Evoque's ride and handling were lacking, the newest model rides smoother than most other vehicles in its class and handles turns with confidence and control that rivals the best in the class. There have also been significant advancements in refining, with quieter, smoother motors and excellent exterior noise cancellation.

Practicality was previously a weakness, but the Evoque now has what it takes to meet most rivals in that category, with a large interior and a very exceptional cabin. Quality has been improved as well, with some fantastic interior materials, and a twin touchscreen design for the center stack on SE and upwards gives a true touch of glitz. In addition, most constructions include all the luxury and safety equipment you'll require.

Yes, it's not a cheap car, costing somewhat more than the majority of its competitors, and it's also not the most fuel-efficient alternative. The glitzy Evoque, on the other hand, may be the sole option for style-conscious shoppers who are SUV purchasers.

Comfort and design

"It's difficult to describe the Evoque's dashboard arrangement. High-spec Evoques offer a twin-screen infotainment system, as well as a digital instrument screen in place of traditional dials, as you'll see in the Infotainment section below. And we've gone over that in detail here."

Lower-spec models, on the other hand, get only one screen for the infotainment system, as well as standard instrumentation. Land Rover, on the other hand, has never allowed us to get close to a low-spec car, perhaps because they don't look as fancy (though the twin-screen configuration does have enough of a wow-factor), so we can't tell you what the basic system looks like or how easy it is to use. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The seats, on the other hand, are supportive, and you won't have any trouble finding a comfortable driving position owing to the plenty of steering wheel and seat adjustment (on the latter, the adjustment is electronic on all except the entry-level version). You'll also be sitting higher up than in Audi and BMW rivals, something committed SUV fans will love.

This also provides you a great view out the front, and even though the rear end is very flamboyantly fashioned, resulting in a relatively short rear window, you can see quite a bit out the back owing to well-placed rear quarter-light windows. Furthermore, all models come equipped with all-around parking sensors and a reversing camera.

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