2022 Cars Invade Markets!

The new cars, which were numbered in 2022, have become very popular in electronic markets. The halls of display for multi-sign car dealers are filled with vehicles of various brands. 

The phenomenon of new cars being offered for sale on sidewalks has returned with force, without speaking of prices that exceeded all expectations. 

Many parties have taken advantage of the scarcity of the market to bring vehicles to Algeria in cooperation with foreign export and shipping companies, whose advertisements have flooded the communication sites. They now offer new car delivery services to the customer's house, in return for all the procedures of buying, shipping, paying fees and removing the vehicles from the port.

2022 Cars Invade Markets
2022 Cars Invade Markets

Marketing of new vehicles with gray cards is on the rise

Despite the government's freeze on the import of cars by agents since 2017, and the cessation of the activity of installation factories for the second year in a row, new cars are still entering Algeria in large quantities. 

This is explained by the increasing advertisements for marketing cars in 2022 on the internet by multi-sign car dealers who have started to import large quantities of vehicles and market them, either under the Mujahideen license or with gray cards after paying taxes and customs duties. This is reflected in the rise in prices to record levels, as the small city cars, such as Suzuki Alto, Hyundai-10, and Kia Picanto, are now shopping for more than 250 million centimes.

Cargo and export companies deliver cars to customer's home

Many Arab and European shipping and export companies took advantage of the scarcity of cars in Algeria and the stoppage of the activities of authorized agents, to offer their services to citizens by performing all procedures of buying and shipping cars, paying customs duties, removing the vehicle from the port and delivering it to the customer's home.

In this context, Al-Shorouk contacted an Arab shipping company that is active in the field of exporting and shipping cars from the United Arab Emirates to Algeria. It offers citizens two types of services: first, exporting the car to the port without paying customs duties, as this service is directed to Algerians who have a Mujahideen license. The second service is that the company pays the fees, with the speed of getting the car out of the port due to its relations and expertise in the field of shipping.

Among the newest cars offered by this company for sale are the Suzuki Swift 2022, which is now entering Algeria in large quantities, and the Chevrolet Optima, which is also popular in the national market. In our conversation with the representative of this company, he confirmed to us that he is offering to market the Suzuki Swift 2022 cars for 240 million to be delivered to the customer at the port. 

He is the one who pays the customs fees and exits them, and the price rises to 330 million for the delivery of the car to the customer's home or to buy it from the company's warehouses located in many states.

Regarding the method of payment for the car, the representative of the company confirmed that the customer had a choice between a bank transfer on the company's account or paying for the car upon receipt at the port or warehouses.

Marketing new cars with a gray card

The new cars offered for sale with a gray card are very popular. Multi-branded agents pay tax dues on cars and sell them to citizens using the word "clear" in their advertisements, that is to say, the market without a Mujahideen license. The activity of these agents has recently increased in a big way due to scarcity, and they have created pages on social networking sites through which they display various shipments coming from various European and Arab countries. 

In this context, Al-Shurouq spoke to one of the multi-branded agents in the Al-Qubba municipality, who announced on Saturday the arrival of a new shipment of Škoda Fabian 20202 cars containing more than 50 cars, and confirmed that he is offering these vehicles with gray cards after paying tax and customs dues, which exceeded 150 million dollars to sell for 5 million cents.

Another multi-sign agent announced the entry of a new shipment of Renault Congo 2022 cars for 450 million, consisting of 60 cars on display for sale with a gray card. He confirmed to Al-Shorouk that ships importing cars for Algeria do not stop, and vehicles enter daily by the hundreds from various ports coming from various continents.

The Algerian public is hoping for a quick solution to the car issue, especially after the rally of car agents confirmed that they can provide new cars in the markets starting from 99 million centimeters.

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