Urgent: Sheba Inoue Takes Precedence Over Everyone

Urgent: Sheba Inoue Takes Precedence Over Everyone... 

The famous Meme Dog currency Sheba Inoue caught its breath in the last few moments of Tuesday's trading, amid the slaughter of digital currencies over the past few hours.

While Bitcoin is still under huge pressure and has been trading near its lowest level since July 2021, the famous Dog win killer, Sheba Inoue, has woken up to make a strong green signal in a red-coated market.

Urgent: Sheba Inoue Takes Precedence Over Everyone
Urgent: Sheba Inoue Takes Precedence Over Everyone

Chiba Inoue peaked in 2021 when it jumped by more than 150,000,000% and then came close to the fourth floor, with the highest price ever at $0.000,085.

Sheba now

Sheba Inoue has just risen by more than 10% to levels near $0.0001777 before its gains shrank to 6% at $0.0001756 levels.

The Chiba Inu currency drops within a week to around 16%, and Chiba experiences continuous burning that reduces the supply of currency and consequently reflects on the increase in the price of the famous Chelico symbol.

Chiba Inoue is ranked 15th among the big digital currencies in terms of the market value of $9.7 billion after Tierra Luna, which ranks 14th after heavy losses in the past hours.

The total burn rate so far is 31.71% of the total Chiba Inu code offer of 889660236 112708, and many companies claim to have Chiba incineration operations regularly and regularly.

Green light

Next to the Shiba Ino SHIB/USD, the market is now lit with some green signals. The Cardano has risen by 3% to $0.68 levels and is down by 14 in a week.

Cardano ranks eighth in the number of digital currencies in terms of market value through $23 billion, but has fallen by around 50% since the beginning of 2022.

Another famous icon is green, as the Solana currency has now risen by more than 1% to the highs of $72 while falling by 18% in a week.

Solana is the seventh-largest number of currencies in terms of market value, with 24 billion dollars, while falling by 60% since the beginning of 2022.

Other heights

Tron TRX/USD, which jumped to 17th place with a market value of $8 billion, also rose, while trading during these moments at $0.08 levels, an increase of 5%.

The Bolton Matic/USD increased by 8% to near-dollar levels, while it ranked 18th among digital customers with $7.5 billion.

The ICP/USD Internet currency increased by 3%, the SAND/USD Sandbox rose by 2%, and the EGLD/USD Arnold jumped by 6%.

Market now

Bitcoin, which had earlier fallen by about 10% below $30,000, has been partly curtailed in the last few hours.

Its composition is now down below 4% at levels around $32,000 while its market value is around $601 billion, and has dropped by more than 17% in a week.

The second-largest digital currency, the Ethereum ETH/USD, has turned green. However, the Ether's limited altitude has not exceeded 1% and has declined by 15%, with a market value of $290 billion.

Penance Queen BNB/USD and the Ribble XRP are down by less than 2%, with the former down to $326 levels and the latter at $0.529 levels.

The article is not a recommendation or a nomination, but merely monitoring of market fluctuations, where trading in digital currencies carries a high risk, including the risk of losing some or all of the investment, and is not fully subject to financial institutions and markets.

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