The GUN126R Toyota HiLux SR5 (4x4) is a four-wheel-drive x cab truck that was introduced to the Australian market on 01/08/2021. 

The HiLux is a pick-up or cab chassis 4x4 manufactured in Thailand, with pricing beginning at $59,160 before on-road fees.


The HiLux is a four-wheel-drive two-door with four seats that is driven by a 2.8L DIESEL TURBO 4 engine with 150 kW of power (at 3000 rpm) and 500 Nm of torque (at 1600 rpm) and is controlled by a Six-speed Automatic transmission. 

TOYOTA states that the HiLux SR5 (4x4) consumes 7.9 liters of diesel every 100 kilometers driven in a mixed city and highway cycle, while emitting 207 grams of CO2. It has an 80-liter gasoline tank, which means it should be able to go 1013 kilometers on a single tank.

The HiLux is 1860 mm (73.2 inches) tall, 5325 mm (209.6 inches) long, 1855 mm (73.0 inches) wide, and has a 3085 mm (121.5 inch) wheelbase, resulting in an unladen weight of 2085 kg (4596.6 lbs). 265/60 R18 front tires and 265/60 R18 rear tires are standard on the HiLux SR5 (4x4). Service is required every six months or 10,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

The 2022 Toyota HiLux SR5 (4x4) has a 216 mm ground clearance and a towing capacity of 3500 kg braked and 750 kg unbraked.

ANCAP has given the HiLux a five-star rating. The compliance plate is positioned on the Pass Side Lower B-Pillar, and the VIN is located on the Right Rear Chassis Rail. MR0HA3CCX00000001 is a good example of a VIN.

2022 Toyota Hilux GR Sport Will it reach Australia?

There are three variants of the Toyota HiLux GR Sport available in other markets, but if Australia is allowed to pick only one, this would be it. Meet the four-cylinder diesel that claims to be the most powerful in the ute market.

Toyota South Africa has unveiled the first specifications of the next Toyota HiLux, which is expected to be the most powerful Toyota HiLux to date.

By the middle of this year, a new high-output Toyota HiLux GR Sport will be available in South African dealerships. For the time being, Australia's plans are unknown.

Drive attempted to reach out to Toyota Australia for further information on the new high-output Toyota HiLux GR Sport, but we were unable to do so during business hours. As soon as we have additional information, we will update this article.

Toyota Hilux aficionados hope that past editions of the Toyota HiLux GR Sport were unavailable in Australia because local executives had been waiting for this model.

While three variants of the Toyota HiLux GR Sport have already been unveiled in other countries, the media in South Africa got a first look at a fourth model this week.

The new Toyota Hilux GR Sport will have increased outputs of 165kW and 550Nm from its 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, according to Toyota executives in South Africa speaking at an automotive industry exhibition. 

This is a significant jump from the current 150kW/500Nm and the 130kW/450Nm version that debuted with this generation in 2015.

With a power output of 165kW/550Nm, the Toyota HiLux GR Sport would be the most powerful four-cylinder diesel in the truck class today.

The engine power increases distinguish just the South African version – produced in Durban – thus far. The remaining three versions have the same 150kW/500Nm outputs as the standard Toyota HiLux.

Uprated suspension, distinctive aesthetic accents, T-O-Y-O-T-A block letters across the grille, and – of course – some Gazoo Racing badging are among the other enhancements for the HiLux GR Sport in South Africa. By May 2022, it should be available in South Africa.

These 165kW/550Nm outputs outperform the Ford Ranger twin-turbo 2.0-litre four-cylinder (157kW/500Nm) and LDV T60 Max twin-turbo 2.0-litre four-cylinder (160kW/500Nm) engines.

All are, however, outdone by the Volkswagen Amarok's turbo-diesel V6 engine, which produces 165kW to 190kW and 500Nm to 580Nm, depending on the model grade.

Toyota's 2.8-litre '1GD' turbo-diesel engine debuted in 2015 with 130kW and 450Nm, but was updated in mid-2020 with 150kW and 500Nm as part of a facelift.

If the Toyota HiLux GR Sport modifications are brought to Australia, it will become the most powerful and torque-rich four-cylinder diesel in the ute class.

The 2022 Toyota HiLux GR Sport is the next stage in Toyota's Gazoo Racing product line, which includes off-road vehicles (LandCruiser 300 Series) and high-performance cars like the GR Yaris, GR Supra, and GR86.

A Toyota Australia representative told Drive that the firm is "continually looking at chances to grow the Toyota GR line with additional innovative vehicles; but, at this moment, we have no announcements to make on any further additions to the GR family." 

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