Selling to Carvana: The Right Review

On the YAA Forum, there is a discussion on what you should know to sell to Carvana:

Of course, purchasing an automobile is a difficult task. What about a car sale? You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to parting with your present set of wheels: sell to Carvana, sell to CarMax, sell to a private party. The list is endless.

Selling to Carvana: The Right Review
Selling to Carvana: The Right Review

The procedure I recently underwent to sell my 2017 Volvo S90 to Carvana was unlike any other auto dealership experience I have ever had. (In a positive manner, of course) It was easy, painless, and monetarily the best decision for me to go through the "sell to Carvana" procedure.

I wanted to go into more depth about the process; what went well, how it works, and more. We filmed the process on our YouTube channel (the video above). 

This tutorial is unquestionably for you if you've been considering selling your automobile to Carvana and have been reading their web evaluations. Let's start now!

What does Carvana compensate?

For its used automobiles, Carvana offers top money. Why? They must continually please investors since they are a HUGE publicly listed firm. 

They can only expand by selling more automobiles, and the only way to increase sales is to increase inventory. Carvana is prepared to pay top money for used automobiles as a result of this.

Naturally, Carvana (and all other internet merchants) purchase inventory at wholesale auctions; nonetheless, there are several expenses involved in purchasing a car from an auction (buyer's fees, transportation, and more). 

Because they don't have to worry about the extra expenses related to purchasing an auction automobile, businesses like Carvana are content to pay a premium to individuals like you and me.

The answer is definitely yes if you're wondering, "should I sell my car to Carvana to earn the maximum money."

Selling to Carvana: The Right Review

Why not Vroom or CarMax?

It's easy... My Volvo S90 received the highest bid from Carvana! Before determining where to sell your automobile, I advise you to compare offers from Carvana, Vroom, Shift, and CarMax. 

Your mileage may vary, of course. It was quite intriguing because when we uploaded our video on YouTube, several individuals sent comments informing us that CarMax, Vroom, and AutoLenders had made them larger offers for their vehicles (a New Jersey-specific company).

Even examples of people selling their automobiles privately for thousands of dollars more than what Carvana provided were posted in the comments section by some readers.

What does this all imply?

You'll need to put in some effort to get quotations from each of the different businesses (Carvana, Vroom, CarMax), as well as explore the possibility of selling privately if you want to receive the maximum offer feasible. 

Remember that selling privately entails much more labor, therefore one advantage of selling to Carvana (or a firm of a similar nature) is that you skip all that bother and aggravation.

When you arrived, did Carvana modify the offer?

No! You should be aware that your Carvana deal is valid for seven days and 1,000 kilometers. When I sold my automobile to Carvana, I made use of both of those criteria. Since their online scheduling tool was only functional at that time, it didn't matter that I sold Carvana my car five days after my offer "expired." They were so extremely accommodating, and it was one of the things that surprised me about my sell-to-Carvana experience.

Your rep and you connect via text, and they are quite helpful with any modifications you need to make. When I asked Carvana if the offer would change if I drove back to Maryland, their response was straightforward: 

You'll be alright as long as the odometer is within 1,000 miles of the picture you shot. For instance, Carvana was supposed to come and pick up my automobile in New Jersey. However, I later realized it would be advantageous for me to drive the car back to Maryland (to move some things).

In addition to keeping their original offer, Carvana was incredibly helpful to all the modifications I made along the way.

How long does the Sell to Carvana deal last?

Your offer is valid when you sell to Carvana for 7 days or 1,000 miles. I'm aware of no more kind policy than this one. While Vroom provides a 2-day and 250-mile coverage, CarMax offers a 7-day, 500-mile policy.

How long does selling to Carvana take?

It takes just one hour to sell an automobile to Carvana (and that includes the work you need to do online before you drop your car off, or they pick it up from you). 

It takes little time to complete the online form. It takes no longer than 20 minutes to deliver the car to Carvana. Even your Uber or Lyft travel back to the destination of your choice is covered by Carvana.

Did Carvana examine the vehicle?

Not actually, but sort of. When I dropped off my automobile at Carvana, I was shocked to learn that they had not inspected it. Upon my arrival, I had anticipated that they would perform a somewhat more thorough examination, but this was not the case.

With an iPad in hand, one of their employees circled my car and took a few pictures.

Carvana keeps sending you texts to remind you that your car needs to be in good functioning and driving condition, notably that the battery and tires can't be dead or damaged. In addition, there is no actual inspection or specification about the state that the vehicle must be in.

How do they deal with equity negatives?

You will be required to obtain a bank check for the difference between their offer price and the balance of your loan if you owe more on your automobile than it is worth. When you eventually sell the car, you'll bring this check with you and submit a picture of it to Carvana.

There you have it, then. The experience of selling your automobile to Carvana is something you should be aware of if you're considering it. Comment below and let us know where you like to sell your cars.

Should I offer Carvana my car?

Consider selling your automobile to Carvana if you want the easiest selling experience possible. You may sell a car to them without placing a single Craiglist ad, and they pay the top price and make the transaction simple. I think the price is reasonable.

And it's not just me who says that. You can discover dozens of threads from people like me who had a great experience selling their car to Carvana if you Google "sell to Carvana, Reddit."

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