The world's most luxurious car seat - airline seat specifications

The Bentayga EWB's new airline seat specification is the most technologically sophisticated seat ever installed in a vehicle. 

The best rear accommodations since the Mulsanne are provided by the world's first auto temperature sensing system, which has 22 adjustment options, and cutting-edge postural adjustment technology.

The world's most luxurious car seat - airline seat specifications
The world's most luxurious car seat - airline seat specifications

  • Airline Seat Specification has innovative postural adjustment technologies and auto temperature sensing, both firsts in the globe.

  • The system measures humidity and temperature with a 0.1 °C precision every 25 milliseconds.

  • There are seven distinct comfort levels for temperature, ranging from the average ideal to one intended to reduce a fever

  • Automatic climate control is 40% more effective than manual control.

  • Six completely separate pressure zones get 177 distinct pressure changes from the Postural Adjust System.

  • The back seat has 22 different adjustment options and an extra electronic footrest.

  • Combination of 12 electric motors and 3 Intelligent Pneumatic Valve ECU units for Seat Motion & Well-Being, under the supervision of a master ECU.

Cree, July 6, 2022, The Bentayga EWB's new airline seat specification is the most technologically sophisticated seat ever installed in a vehicle. The best rear accommodations since the Mulsanne are provided by the world's first auto temperature sensing system, which has 22 adjustment options, and cutting-edge postural adjustment technology.

The auto climate seat measures passenger temperature and surface humidity with an accuracy of 0.1 °C every 25 milliseconds after a rear seat passenger picks their preferred temperature from seven distinct ranges. The device may then choose whether to provide heat, ventilation, or both at once to maintain the passenger at the ideal temperature.

The postural adjustment system, however, uses an algorithm created in partnership with a chiropractor to automatically make small modifications to the passenger's seating posture and pressure points. 

Over three hours, the system may administer 177 distinct pressure adjustments over six entirely independent pressure zones, enhancing comfort and reducing tiredness. The surface of the seat gradually changes form over time, preventing pressure fatigue in any one part of the body, and ensuring the occupant's comfort at all times.

The Bentayga EWB sets a new standard in wellness features, offering the most pleasant experience for individuals traveling on remarkable journeys, with early customer adoption of 50% for the Airline Seat specification.

Automatic Car Climate

The Airline Seat, the world's first seat surface sensing system for thermal comfort, contains a collection of sensors that have been built to continuously detect the temperature and humidity level of the passenger touch surface with remarkable precision of 0.1 °C every 25 milliseconds.

From a selection of seven parameters, the passenger selects the ideal surface temperature target. To obtain the greatest comfort temperature for the passenger, sensors detect and output real-time data to decide what amounts of seat heating, cooling, and ventilation are necessary. 

The seat immediately brings the seat heating and ventilation systems online in the initial phase, working effectively to produce the appropriate temperature.

The technology then keeps the set point for the seat thermal system while maintaining the best possible thermal comfort during the ride. In tests, we find that humans can only detect surface temperature changes of 1-2 °C, but the system continuously measures real temperature at a much finer level and anticipates the passenger's needs before they are aware of them. 

Live data makes it possible for the system to turn on before the passenger even realizes it is necessary, offering a smart and autonomous experience where human control is no longer necessary to maintain comfort.

The Auto Climate system may balance the attention on simply the back or cushion region and has seven set settings (neutral + six additional ones). The seven set points, which were developed after intensive passenger testing and cutting-edge research in this area, are not linearly spaced. The following was noted in trials based on the clinical data:

  • 75% to 80% of people will always utilize position "0," a neutral set point, without making any adjustments. This achieves the ideal comfort goals set via trials evaluating various passengers and situations.

  • 15% to 20% of people will utilize the +1 or -1 set points (personal choice) and will not need to make any more system adjustments to try to get a little warmer or cooler goal temperature.

  • There is a 5% chance that the target temperature may rise or fall by another degree for medium durations on particular days. For back discomfort, for instance, if a targeted warming alleviation is required, +2 would be employed. If a traveler is unwell and requests an unusually cold environment, they can request a -2.

  • To further deviate from the typical average objective, the values +3 and -3 are offered. During testing, this was only applied in situations involving severe weather or illness, where the system's bias was needed to create a higher delta from the ideal goal temperature.

Although the auto temperature system makes use of already-available seat heating technology, a new seat ventilation fan that has been designed can flow about 80% more air than the prior system. In Auto Climate mode, the entire system uses around 40% less power than when the passenger manually activates it, which is less powerful than the present seat climate system.

The world's most luxurious car seat - airline seat specifications

Postural Modifications

Even though there are several fatigue recovery systems (such as seat massage), the Postural Adjustment system takes things a step further by offering a proactive anti-fatigue system. 

The technology goes beyond the conventional 2D motions of adjustable chairs and uses a three-dimensional twist to alleviate pressure areas by subtly altering the contact pressure between body and sat through soft pneumatic activation zones. 

These movements are managed by sophisticated algorithms that were created in conjunction with a chiropractor who treats patients who complain of pain during long automobile trips.

Bentley has created a technologically advanced pneumatic posture adjustment system in collaboration with experts Comfort Motion Global (CMG). For some years, CMG has worked in the area of tiredness prevention, performing medical-based research studies that show the advantages of posture adjustments for comfort and wellness.

Pressure is then delivered to other places of the body after releasing pressure on tissues that have been under it in the seat surface contact zones. This allows the body to spontaneously heal itself locally. The postural motion can improve blood flow and causes minute adjustments to the angles of the back and limbs. Passengers have less pain, especially in the lower back and lower limbs, which helps them stay alert and concentrated for longer.

The intricate seat interlayer design and optimized seat contact profiles of the EWB Airline Seats have been adjusted to perfectly complement the car's chassis. Together, these factors ensure a comfortable ride and isolation from road vibration for the passengers.

The adaptable profiles may change to fit the shape and build of various customers. Customers may establish a set position that is personally pleasant to them for extended periods thanks to the adjustable leg and footrest function.

According to studies, actively dynamically bearing one's weight reduces tension, which can lead to mental stress and impair concentration. Naturally supportive postures have been demonstrated to help release tension from stiff muscles.

Along with additional cushion and backrest bolster adjustments, cushion extension, electronic headrest height adjustments, and a deployable footrest for the rear of the front passenger seat, the Bentley Airline Seat Specification also includes these features. On this side of the vehicle's rear seat, the passenger also can advance the front passenger seat using the "VIP mode."

Underneath Craftsmanship: Technology

The Airline Seat features an astounding array of technology hidden behind its handmade leather surfaces, in addition to the systems that give Auto Climate and Postural Adjustment. There are 22 different ways to modify the seat alone using a system of 12 quiet electric motors, allowing the user to customize the seat to fit their body type whether working or relaxing. 

Three clever pneumatic valve electronic control units connect the motors, and a master Seat Motion & Wellbeing ECU manages the interaction between the motors and valves. 

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