Top Selling Beautiful Small Cars in Australia

There are many brands, models, and colors for you to pick from before you can start driving, making the decision to purchase a new automobile an exciting (though expensive) moment. 

But what about individuals who don't require a lot of room and have their sights set on a tiny car? While others may be persuaded to choose an SUV or a Ute? The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries publishes a monthly report on the best-selling automobiles in Australia, outlining the makes and models that are doing the best on our roads, to aid in the search process. 

Top Selling Beautiful Small Cars in Australia
Top Selling Beautiful Small Cars in Australia

The top five selling small vehicle models as of June 2022 are shown below. Check this page frequently for updates on the bestselling small automobiles.

  1. Corolla, a Toyota.
  2. I30 Hyundai.
  3. Hello Cerato.
  4. MG 3.
  5. Ford Golf.

1 Toyota Corolla  (2,605 sales)

The Toyota Corolla has always been one of the most well-liked little vehicles. It offers a variety of model types, including hatch, sedan, and hybrid, including the likes of the Ascent Sport, SX, and ZR. In June, it sold more than 2,600 units.

The most recent versions come with seven airbags for greater safety, a 2.0L Dynamic Force direct injection gasoline or 1.8L VVT-i hybrid engine, and a range of optional safety features including Active Cruise Control, and Pre-Collision Safety, and Lane Departure Alert. To help you make the most of your time behind the wheel, other conveniences include heated front seats, wireless phone charging, and an 8-speaker JBL audio system.

2 Hyundai i30 – (1,801 sales)

The i30 is a well-liked choice for those searching for a compact vehicle. It provides a variety of variants for drivers to test out, making it a great choice for those seeking a hatchback or sedan. The i30, which sold more than 1,800 devices in June, is assisting in transforming the image of the Korean company.

The i30 range, which includes the Active, Elite, N-Line, and N-Line Premium, is available with petrol, diesel, and turbo engines. It includes features like LED daytime running lamps, wireless phone charging, Smart Sense safety functions, and dual-zone climate control on all models except the Active range. The N-Line series could be the best choice for you if you're looking for something with a little more oomph because it has an updated suspension system, an active variable exhaust system, and several driving modes that all work together to make the ride more thrilling.

4 MG 3 – (1,551 sales)

Chinese automaker MG is one of the more recent brands to enter the Australian market. Although its compact SUV lineup receives the most attention, it is also noted for its smaller vehicles. The MG 3 is the only little vehicle offered by the company, and it is proving to be successful, selling more than 1,500 units in June. It is available as the Core or Excites variant. 

The MG 3 Excite variant has 16-inch wheels and adds a rear spoiler, 6-speaker sound system, and satellite navigation, while the MG 3 Core model has 15-inch alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, LED daytime running lights, an 8-inch touchscreen screen, leather-trimmed steering wheel, and a 1.5L engine.

5 VW Golf – (447 sales)

The Volkswagen Golf, one of the most well-known vehicles offered by the German manufacturer, had its debut in 1974 but saw a resurgence in the 2000s with the introduction of its fifth generation.

Currently, in its eighth iteration, the Golf is offered as a 110TSI Life or 110TSI R-Line. A 10-inch Discover Pro navigation system, a Digital Cockpit Pro, wireless app-connect, wireless phone charging, keyless entry, and a starting button are just a few of the features offered by the brand and model.

The R-Line also has 18-inch alloy wheels, light-absorbing side and rear windows, internal ambient lighting, and a unique interior design to provide you with a balance of performance and comfort.

Do I need a little car?

With several manufacturers supporting smaller models, the market for compact automobiles has expanded recently. These vehicles are proving to be a popular choice for individuals who may not want much room, don't need to transport many passengers, or are just searching for a more economical option. However, while tiny, each brand and model will differ in what it delivers, with some compact vehicles even costing over $50,000. Which automobile you choose to get behind the wheel of will depend on your particular circumstances.

Investigating all of your selections and maybe considering what extras you'd like to add will therefore ensure that you maintain the new automobile sensation for a bit longer. Check out our tiny vehicle ratings to see what other drivers have to say if you're not sure about them.

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