3 Exceptional European Automakers

Volvo, Volkswagen and Audi all have something in common: They have a history of producing exceptional cars and Volkswagen parts, if not extraordinary, that have helped shape the automotive world.

3 Exceptional European Automakers
3 Exceptional European Automakers

3 Exceptional European Automakers

When you think about the exceptional cars being built in Europe, does your mind work strictly on cars produced by Rolls-Royce, BMW and Volkswagen parts, or Mercedes? Jaguar and Lamborghini may also come to mind.

 All these things deserve all the prizes given to them. Still, there are three brands, for various reasons, exceptional. Let's take a look at Volvo, Volkswagen and Audi, the three that appeared in this article.

European automobile industry

For a country of just nine million people to produce one carmaker would be surprising enough. To put the claim of two automakers and auto parts manufacturers such as Mercedes, Citroën and BMW is just a phenomenal phenomenon.

Both Volvo and SAP are from this particular country, which is Sweden. No part of Ford Motor Company, Volvo has greatly influenced the automotive industry over the years.


Safety standards that have been universally low elsewhere are much more with Volvo. Front wrinkle areas, reinforced surfaces and specially designed interiors are originally from Volvo.

Among these high safety standards, a range of cars have emerged, which are already among the best built and safely built on the road. Fortunately, with Volvo's leadership, many automakers around the world have incorporated Volvo's high safety standards. That's what makes Volvo exceptional in my eyes.

The company that brought the world the first person car, Beetle, is also an exceptional case. Designed for the first time in Germany in the 1930s, Beetle survived World War II and was one of the most widely loved and produced cars in the world.

From the 1950s forward, Beetle was able to provide automated transportation to people who could not afford to buy a car. From college students in the United States to immigrant workers in Mexico and from the courageous cities of the Netherlands to Irish farmland, Beetle made owning a car accessible to the majority of the masses.

Even after imports to the United States ceased during the 1970s, the Beetle was produced for another generation and sold in Mexico.

Without clarifying this point, the term that best describes the Audi quarto technology is "superior handling". Perhaps this is an understatement, but when Audi introduced the Quarto with all wheels, the company threw the glove and told the rest of the automotive industry that Quarto was the standard by which all luxury sedans would be judged.

Audi Quarto technology has given the company a huge advantage over competitors, as it has been banned over the years from certain types of races. In fact, Audi quarto technology provides a long-standing traction when other road planning schemes reached their limit.

So, there you have it. Three truly exceptional cars from the European continent, perhaps in exceptional ways, may have to be described as unusual

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