Car transport trailers

If area unit|you're} moving a customary {passenger automobile|coach|carriage|car|rail car|railway car|railroad car} and wish to analyze completely different car transport trailer choices, there are several prospects in today’s machine shipping trade offered to the discerning client.

Trailers for cars - Families

Car transport trailers

Open carrier transport is that, the most well-liked and least high-priced style of machine shipping.

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The Best car transport trailers

In most cases, your automobile is going to be transported on Associate in Nursing eight or 10-car contractor, an equivalent style of trucks accustomed to deliver new cars.

These trucks' area unit 75-80 feet long and virtually fourteen feet high. They'll be troublesome to maneuver and area unit restricted to major roads that area unit freed from low hanging trees and low clearance bridges.

Confirm you retain this in mind once directive the truck to the pick-up location. If you would like to create positive that your automobile stays clean, and avoids all route wear and tear, then have your automobile transported in an indoor car transport trailer. 

Enclosed trailers defend your automobile from all road hazards and weather for the period of the trip. Because of the premium instrumentality and repair gave penned automobile trailers, it's sometimes the foremost high-priced choice in machine shipping.

 The subsequent options area unit, usually obtainable at an extra cost:

  • Raise gates for safe horizontal loading, ramp gates for long-distance vehicles, and winches for inoperable vehicles. 
  • This car transport trailer choice is superb for pricey or exotic cars. Another widespread penned trailer choice for secure car transport is six-car penned trailers, four-car penned trailers, and two-car non-stacking penned trailers.

Multi-car or penned transport typically cannot be used because of height and dimension problems. {be sure|make certain|make sure|take automobile} to ascertain the specs of the trailer and therefore the size of your car.

Some drivers opt to transport their vehicles. It's best to be told from a trained skilled a number of the nuances of moving cars. Once you purchase or rent a trailer en kindle, basic driving directions and transport hints.

There area unit some car transport trailer firms that may custom-build your trailer the approach you would like it. This feature can rely on your budget and your specific desires. 

When selecting the right car transport trailer for your automobile, discuss the length and weight of your automobile with the automobile trailer company to confirm it's at interval's legal load specifications.

A lot of over if your dealings or shopping for, rummage around for firms with massive inventories and plant stock, thus you'll avoid awaiting the trailer that you simply need. 

Finding the suitable car transport trailer to suit your specific desires and budget ought to be a simple task providing that you simply grasp your budget limitations, special travel necessities for your automobile, and length of the trip. In today’s market, there are many automobile transport trailer choices out there, and you'll calculate finding the proper one for you in no time the least bit.

Trailers for cars - Families

Trailers for cars - Families

Kaufman Trailer specializes in car trailers! We provide a wide selection of models that can tow one to six cars. We are renowned for our wedge vehicle trailers in particular. 

You will see more Kaufman wedge vehicle carriers than any other brand at any auto auction nationally. This type is strong and lightweight. About 80% of the wedge trailers utilized in the American market for car carrying are manufactured by the Kaufman Brand. 

We also offer a variety of unusual automobile transporters. Our manufactured cambered frame two- and three-car gooseneck trailers are particularly well-liked. Another market first is the Mini5 vehicle transporter trailer. The very heart of Kaufman vehicle trailers lies in these compact yet strong designs!

Single car trailers with GVWRs of 7,000, 8,000, 10,000, and 12,000 are available from us. The lengths that are offered range from 17 to 25 feet. 

We build a sturdy frame using channel frame construction and channel wraparound tongues. Our single-car variants feature a dovetail with slide-in loading ramps, diamond plate flooring, beveled front corners, swing-up jacks, d-rings, and rubber mount lighting. 

The "Deluxe" models from Kaufman have radial tires, a sealed electrical harness with lifetime LED lighting, stake pockets with a rub rail, and other popular features in a cost-effective package. This well-liked model series is undoubtedly a wise investment!

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