Top Car Transport Companies For August 2022

One of the best car transport company is the one that suits your personal needs.

Moving out of state or even to another nation is commonplace in the modern day. However, it raises a lot of questions. 

The transportation of your huge assets to the new place is not the least of them. Instead of working out how to transport big objects like cars yourself, there is a trend toward exporting them.

If you're in a position where you're thinking about shipping one or more vehicles, let us guide your choices. We'll go over how and why to transport your car in this article. 

We'll also provide you access to our list of the top car transport businesses. We evaluated the top 20 auto transport firms and ranked them using feedback from clients, ratings, and reviews, among other factors.

Each business has to prove a few things to make our list. Each must possess a valid license and insurance. Each of them was required to have a website that accepts reservations and quotes online. Finally, for further peace of mind, each had to offer alternatives for insurance add-ons.

Top Car Transport Companies For August 2022
Top Car Transport Companies For August 2022

What Is The Price To Ship A Car?

A car may be shipped across the country for an average price of $1,650. However, a wide range of factors influences pricing.

  • Location: The most important aspect influencing the shipping cost is the location of the pick-up and delivery of the vehicle, as well as the distance between them. In addition to being closer, some cities are more often shipped to, which could result in cheaper shipping costs than when sending to or from a remote rural area.

  • Transportation Alternatives: There are several options available to you when it comes to the transportation of your vehicle, including door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service, open or enclosed shipping, and other special considerations. As you expand the options available through your service, shipping costs rise.

  • Vehicle Size and Modifications: Shipping larger, sedan-style vehicles cost more than larger, heavy-duty vehicles. Additionally, the cost will rise if modifications like a raised or lowered suspension make loading and transportation more difficult. The same applies to any additional alterations that call for accommodations.

  • Timing: If your timetable is flexible and delivery timeliness is not as crucial as cost, you can save some money on shipping your car. The cost to do will increase based on how quickly and precisely the delivery schedule constraints must be met.

  • Season: Your choice of the time of year to ship your car will have little impact on the cost, particularly if you're up against "snowbirds" in the spring and fall.

What You Should Know Before Using Car Transport Services

For the majority of people, shipping an automobile is not a frequent affair. Even if you are familiar with how it works, the car transport procedure has many moving parts and can easily become perplexing. Here are some crucial details regarding working with a car shipping firm.

The prices Can Change

The majority of shipping company quotes are straightforward estimates. The exact price is frequently not established until after the vehicle has been sent, which may result in unwelcome surprises. 

The greatest protection is to make sure that you give the shipper proper information and, if at all possible, obtain a legally binding quote.

The Timing Is Rough

The date you tell your shipping firm is just the earliest time at which the vehicle must be prepared for delivery, unless otherwise indicated. The precise pick-up day may change. Shipping periods are flexible and can vary from a few days to a few weeks.

Recognize the Bill of Lading

A bill of lading including all the facts about your vehicle and your shipment will be given to you by your shipping firm. 

It serves as a kind of agreement between you and the business as well as a receipt, instruction manual, and receipt. Make certain that everything you discussed with the shipper is included on the BOL and is accurate.

Knowledge of Insurance Coverage

Before your shipper picks up your vehicle, be sure you understand what is covered in the policy, regardless of whether you utilize the shipping company's standard insurance, purchase additional protection from them, or offer your insurance.

When to Use an Open or Closed Vehicle

Contrary to the popular belief, moving your car on an open trailer is safer and less expensive than doing it in an enclosed trailer. However, if you're sending a valuable car, it can be worthwhile to spend more money on enclosed cargo for extra security and peace of mind.

Top Car Transport Companies For August 2022

How to Choose the Best Car Shipping Company for You

Automobile transportation businesses often have a similar outward appearance. Most of them are adept at getting your car there in immaculate condition and can travel to practically any location you require. The following are some specific considerations to make while choosing the best firm for you.


With so many car shipping businesses available, it's important to compare prices and find one that can complete the task. If you opt out of door-to-door service or aren't picky about scheduling, many shippers may offer lesser charges.

Avoid Unexpected Costs

Make sure you understand what you're paying for before you sign anything. Look for businesses that offer a price guarantee or are honest about any hidden fees. Hidden prices, such as delivery fees and additional gasoline costs, are typical among businesses with dubious business practices. The cheapest prices are frequently not the finest offers.

Ratings for Customer Service

The transportation industry is in the business of providing customer service. Their true assets are their ratings and reviews. Virtually every detail regarding each of them is freely accessible online. Reading reviews and ratings can help you learn from other people's mistakes and ensure a great experience, while also saving you time and money.

Top Car Transport Companies For August 2022

Why You Should Ship Your Car Rather Than Buy New

Is having my car shipped worth it? An automobile must be shipped for real money. But automobiles are very pricey. For other people, it makes more sense to trade in their old car for a new one in the new location. Most people ship their car instead of purchasing a new one to save money.


The biggest benefits of shipping your car over buying a new one when you arrive at your destination may be the time and financial savings. 

Many of us are bound by lengthy payment agreements or leases that are costly or difficult to break. Some customers have antique cars that must be shipped since they cannot be replaced.


Simple convenience is the second-best justification for shipping your car. Any worries about how to complete the task are resolved by giving a transport business the advertised price amount. 

A lot of businesses will deliver the car right to your door after picking it up. The guarantee to take care of your vehicle and damage insurance options eliminate most of the concerns.


Long-distance driving is dangerous on several levels. Your safety when driving a long distance might be impacted by automotive trouble, human mistake, and weather. The risks to your safety are eliminated when you have your car moved professionally.

Preventing wear and tear

It should come as no surprise that using a truck to transport your car will assist keep its existing worth. By avoiding the high mileage required to get there, you'll spare your automobile the damage caused by a long road journey. Leave it to the professionals who have tough transporting equipment.

Unusable Car

Your car can still be sent even if it is not operable and cannot be driven. In that situation, it is known as long-distance towing, but the concept is the same, and the cost of transporting it is the same. 

The process of loading and unloading the car from the shipping vehicle could incur additional fees. In extreme circumstances, it could be necessary to hire a forklift at the start and finish of the journey.


The Forbes Home Improvement editorial team looked at third-party data on significant businesses to identify the best automobile shipping company. Each product's star rating was established by assessing a range of metrics, such as:

  • BBB Rating: (25%).
  • 20% National Coverage.
  • (15%) Customer Service.
  • (10%) cancellation policy.
  • Option for shipping a car internationally (10%).
  • (10%) Insurance Coverage
  • Options for multi-car transport (10%).

How We Chosen the Top Car Transport Organizations

The editorial and review teams at Forbes have compiled a list of the top 24 vehicle transport businesses in the country. 

Based on data from the Better Business Bureau and reputable consumer review sites including Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews, competitors were selected.

The top 24 businesses were then the focus of additional research. For accuracy and practical usefulness, company data was acquired from their websites and compared to the contents of consumer reviews and competitor review sites.

Finally, using representative vehicles and ballpark distances, pricing estimates were created utilizing a combination of mystery shopping and online price quotes.

The top five businesses are those that consistently deliver a high level of customer happiness, are accessible, and offer a wide range of service options.

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