Automotive Resource Guide

The Global Automotive Resource Guide: A Reference for US Exporters is now available in digital format. 

This dynamic document contains information on 52 automobile export markets by nation. Each country's study includes information on:

Automotive Resource Guide
Automotive Resource Guide

Market Entry | Current Market Trends | Key Competitors | Current Demand | Barriers | Trade Events | Best Prospects for US Exports, including sections on Aftermarket, Electric Vehicles, Specialty Equipment, Heavy Duty, Used, and Reman Automotive Products.

Automotive Resource Guide

The internet is chock complete of useful records along with reviews on destiny automobile models as well as the contemporaries and the classics. Some of my preferred sites for culling facts are listed herein.

Some of my favorite sites for information

Finding statistics approximately past, present-day, and future vehicle services used to be an undertaking that worried wading through infinite glossy magazines, perusing cumbersome sales brochures, shifting through inky newspapers, and browsing through a bunch of different print cloth of varying sizes and depths.

How many of us have subscribed to 2, four, or maybe five or extra guides simply to get the ultra-modern statistics approximately our favorite vehicles? Today, way to the internet, there are a host of websites available to examine more approximately your traditional and to test idea automobiles.
I will be listing a number of my favorites here; I hope that you may enjoy scrutinizing them as an awful lot as I even have.

The Detroit News

I doubt that there is an unmarried newspaper in the USA that matches the depth and breadth of insurance that The Detroit News presents on a day by day foundation approximately the car industry.

It truly makes sense that they're the chief, given that the Detroit area has long been the bastion of American automobile might. Visit www.Detnews. Com for extra information.

Car and Driver

 One of my favorite print magazines stocks numerous beneficial facts proper on-line. My favored characteristic is their break-down by using the make and model of every single automobile on the market.

CD even offers traffic full get admission to a few sincerely amazing avenue exams they have finished on an entire host of motors. Very informative: Caranddriver

Auto Blog

  Some of the excellent and most sincere records may be studied via this unique weblog site.
Vehicles of every stripe and persuasion are included; breaking make/model statistics are shared, and readers are quick to add their comments. 

Sometimes the responses are hilarious, while in different instances they appear politically charged.
 No count number, the records given is genuinely beneficial: Autoblog


 – Good information on present-day models and that they appear to have a grasp on upcoming services too. Compare what they write about future fashions and that they normally have the nice “off the document” statistics of anybody: www.Edmunds. Com

Car Survey

 – Similar to the Auto Blog, Car Survey allows customers to weblog in statistics approximately their vehicle.

If you personal a ’74 Monte Carlo, an ’83 Fairmont, or a ’95 Intrepid, then remarks about your make/model are featured by using proprietors who've got the equal car as you. A good location to hint the history of particular models, overseas and home too: www.Carsurvey. Com

Assorted Sites

 – Lastly, several smaller sites dedicated to particular car manufacturers, such as all pars. Com can be extremely useful as well as are certain business sites touting car components. I additionally often check with numerous vehicle golf equipment and automaker sites for precise statistics.

So, what's the first-class part of undertaking studies on the internet for vehicle records? Well, two genuinely: it's miles both fast, and it is also unfastened.

Now, Google your way over and find out all the facts you want approximately your cabriolet, your pocket rocket, your offloaded, or your minivan. Everything you want is right at your finger, hints and sure to piqué your hobby.

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