How can I protect my car from leaves?

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The easiest way to prevent paint damage from fallen leaves is to park your vehicle in a covered area whenever possible. Thus, completely protecting your vehicle from any external elements that come with fallen leaves.

How can I protect my car from leaves?
How can I protect my car from leaves?

Don't Get Your Paint Ruined By Fall Leaves! Here's How You Can Keep Your Car Safe.

  • Autumn has arrived, bringing with it the magnificent red, yellow, and orange foliage. 
  • While these leaves are beautiful to look at, if they fall on your automobile, they can harm the paint. 

We recognize that drivers want to keep their vehicles in the best possible condition, so we've put together some pointers to help you protect your paint this fall:

Prevent Leaves from Falling on Your Car

When your automobile is not in use, the quickest approach to avoid paint damage from fall leaves is to park it in an enclosed place. This thoroughly protects your automobile from any fall-related external factors, such as leaves. 

Whenever feasible, park in a covered place if you don't have unrestricted access to a garage. If a covered parking place is not available, park in an open area that is free of leaves on the ground.

Hand-Remove Leaves

  • Of sure, leaves will fall on your automobile at some time during autumn. 
  • However, it's critical to brush these leaves off as soon as possible, since if they're left unattended, they might decompose and emit sap, which can harm your vehicle's finish. 
  • While getting rid of the leaves is important, how you get rid of them is as important in terms of keeping your car's paint. 
  • Using a leaf blower to clear leaves from your automobile may appear to be the simplest option, but it might harm the paint. 
  • To avoid any harm, try removing them by hand.

If you need to clean leaves off your automobile, do it cautiously with your hands or with a leaf blower with low air pressure. (Excessive pressure can cause leaves to become trapped in difficult-to-reach areas.) You might be tempted to use a wire hanger to clear sunroof drains, but this might shred the sunroof liner. Instead, pull the leaves out using a vacuum. Remove the hood to clean leaves from the heater intake system towards the base of the windshield. After that, give your automobile a thorough rinse.

Wash Your Car Frequently

This season, make time to wash your automobile regularly to remove any sap left behind by falling tree leaves. With a few simple items, you can easily make this at home. A microfiber cleaning rag, a microfiber drying towel, and some liquid auto soap should also be purchased. Wash your automobile at least once every two weeks to maintain the paint in good shape.

After you've washed your car, apply wax

Waxing your automobile adds an extra layer of protection between your paint and any falling leaves. There are a few different types of wax to pick from depending on the effects you want. After cleaning your car, find the way that best suits your needs and apply a fresh layer.

Falling leaves may be lovely to look at, but they may quickly harm the paint on your car. Call Santa Ana Body Shop at (713) 956-0524 to have your automobile looking new again. We're the most trusted car body shop in Houston and the surrounding areas.

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