Customize Your Off-Road Vehicle


We at PB Customs like pushing the boundaries of what is possible with off-road vehicles and getting engaged in the strange and extraordinary. No matter how far-fetched or radical your bespoke ideas are, we welcome the challenge!

Customize Your Off-Road Vehicle
Customize Your Off-Road Vehicle

Our Custom-Build Methodology

PB Customs is here to help you push the edge and innovate if you're the sort of person who needs something a little different. We will create a one-of-a-kind unique off-road vehicle for you.

We customize the car to your exact specifications from start to finish, altering or constructing customized equipment as needed. This method, rather than employing mostly bolt-on, off-the-shelf equipment, ensures that your car is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Fully customized constructions need cutting-edge design expertise, hands-on experience, and thorough investigation. Fortunately for you, PB Customs possesses all of these characteristics and enjoys participating in 44 difficulties and the strange and amazing.

Custom Off-Roader Fabrication

In our facility in Peterborough, UK, PB Customs can uniquely design, manufacture, and construct extreme 444’s to the highest standards.

Customize Your Off-Road Vehicle

In these instances when we're all being defined with the aid of numbers and crunched into conformity, we still need something that expresses our personal fashion. Something that says, "This is me."

For some time, an underworld of automobile customization has existed. But today, it is no longer simply low-riders and hot daggers who need to make a non-public statement. With the recognition of shows which include "American Chopper" and "Pimp My Ride," orders for custom vehicles and bikes have skyrocketed.

Now, ATV and utility vehicle owners are simply as eager to spruce up their rides. They are beginning to admire their robust off-street cars - more regularly related to looking and farming - and are dreaming up approaches to make them precise. Each turns into a signature piece, reflecting the flavor and style of the owner.

The trend, spearheaded via celebrities and sports stars, now's becoming extra mainstream, in step with Polaris, the main manufacturer of ATV's and utility vehicles. The Southwest, especially California and Arizona, appears to be the hub of this new fad.

Here are some of the freshest approaches to personalize your trip:

  • Flames: Since the Fifties, painted flames sizzling the front and aspects of warm rods have supposed pace. Today, this conventional layout nevertheless leads the p.C...
  • Chrome: The high-priced Packard's and Cords of the Thirties

Have been loaded with shine and sparkle. Grills, doorways - everything that might gleam, did gleam. Even now, chrome says high fashion.

  • Color-keyed rims: They would have loved this inside the Nineteen Sixties. Bright primaries, strong earth tones, simple neutrals -pick a shade and your ride is immediately one among a kind.
  • Sound systems: Install one within the bed or roof. Whether your music of preference is golden oldies or heavy metal, the entirety will sound higher. And on those tenting trips, while you're deprived of your normal comforts, you could still enjoy the first-class sound.

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