8 Tips For Teens And New Drivers To Drive Safely

First-time driving lessons are both exciting and intimidating. It can be challenging for parents of teen drivers to know how to effectively address the situation. 

We at Christian Brothers Automotive are aware of the hassles that come with this significant life change, and we want to make the move as painless and secure as we can.

8 Tips For Teens And New Drivers To Drive Safely

We've put together a list of 8 crucial tips for new drivers to help teenagers who are applying for their first license (and their parents) navigate this unfamiliar territory. The most crucial lesson today is the fundamentals of safe driving.

These eight driving safety recommendations will assist you whether you are learning to drive for the first time or have years of driving expertise.

1. Quicken gradually

Although it can be hard to resist the urge to slam on the gas as soon as the light turns green, self-control is crucial. When you gradually increase your speed, your engine operates more effectively. From a full stop, slowly begin to roll while applying more pressure to the gas pedal.

2. Retain the wheel firmly

You maintain control of the vehicle with smooth steering. It's crucial to maintain a firm grip on the wheel when making curves or driving straight ahead.

3. Brake gently

The accelerator shouldn't be slammed to the floor, just like when you're accelerating. One of the most crucial fundamentals a new driver can learn is how to know when to stop. 

As soon as you can, start lightly pressing the brakes if you notice a stop sign or the light in front of you turns yellow. Until your car comes to a complete stop, apply the brake pedal gently and steadily.

4. Maintain a safe speed

It can be tempting to exceed the posted speed limits as you get more accustomed to driving. However, obeying the speed limit is important for your safety as well as the safety of other road users. The Department of Transportation dispatches engineers to conduct a comprehensive examination to establish the speed limit. 

These engineers consider the type of route, the history of accidents, the volume of traffic, and visual distance. It is not worth risking your life or the lives of others to shorten your commute time.

5. Keep a safe distance behind

Regardless of driving expertise, maintaining a sufficient "cushion" between yourself and the vehicle in front of you is crucial. But because you're a new driver, your reaction time is naturally slower than other people's. The "two-second rule" will prevent you from hitting the automobile in front of you from behind, costing you more in insurance and repairs.

8 Tips For Teens And New Drivers To Drive Safely

6. Pay attention to road signs

Gain a thorough understanding of all pavement markings, safety signals, and traffic signs. Never disregard a traffic sign or a safety signal just because you feel comfortable with your driving skills. There is a reason why the signs are up.

7. Pick your path wisely

Learn the function of each lane and leave yourself enough space to turn or switch lanes. Move into the far right lane early enough to avoid cutting off other drivers if you are aware that a turn or exit is about to occur.

Only pass in the far left lane at a safe speed, and only take left exits. The center lane is the safest choice when traveling over long distances at a steady speed.

8. Communicate effectively

An essential component of safe driving is the blinker. When used properly, your turn signal can inform other drivers of your choices and upcoming actions. Only honk your horn to warn other drivers, and only when necessary.

Keep your eyes and ears open for other drivers' actions, so you can be ready to respond in an emergency. Always look over your shoulder before changing lanes or backing up, and periodically check your mirrors.

Driving lessons might be frightening, but with enough practice and attention to your surroundings, they can be a safe and enjoyable experience. Enjoy this new life step by adhering to Christian Brothers Automotive's driving safety advice.

If you have any inquiries about safe driving practices or preparing your vehicle for a new driver, contact your neighborhood Christian Brothers Automotive. Be careful out there! 

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