What motivates you to buy an SUV?

For SUV automakers, brand awareness and important decision-making factors are essential. Brand Watch's recent analysis discovered the factors that influence SUV purchases.

What motivates you to buy an SUV?

Buying an SUV

The most recent report collection from Kelley Blue Book and Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research, Brand Watch, identifies the two most important components of luxury SUV customers: driving solace and driving execution. Eco-friendliness and sturdiness/reliability are important factors for non-luxury SUV buyers. Well-being is present in both the extravagance and non-extravagance mind components.

Toyota Motor Corp. came out on top for eco-friendliness, sturdiness or reliability, and wellness among non-luxury SUV customers, and it's clear that these are the segment's main three thinking elements.

  • Toyota has a solid reputation for producing high-quality car parts such as engines, radiators, suspensions, and brakes. 
  • Although the carmaker does not use EBC Redstuff, the workmanship of its automobiles is good. 
  • The company is also recognized for its sophisticated half-breed technology.

What drives you to buy an SUV?

In addition, Brand Watch polled respondents on their feelings and perceptions of up to 17 different SUV-related credits. Furthermore, SUV purchasers were asked to score these insignificant features, as well as assess each carmaker on those fundamental components. 

The value point contrast between extravagance and non-extravagance SUV buyers led the fragment's top five attributes, including the two groups, to have practically opposing energies.

What do consumers look for when buying an SUV?

"Customers who can afford an extravagant car can afford $3.50 a gallon gas and are far more concerned with driving execution and driving comfort than environmental friendliness and dependability," stated Jack R. Nerad, the primary article chief, and a major market researcher. "Those concerned about environmental friendliness and unwavering quality are, on the whole, more cost-conscious, and less willing to choose an extravagant car."

What do luxury SUV buyers want?

In the luxury SUV consumers gathering, GMC's extravagant Denali line topped the rankings for seating capacity, towing capacity, and family-friendliness. Nonetheless, the analysis revealed that it was tied for a bottom place with Saab in terms of brand recognition and standing. 

Mercedes-Benz came out on top in terms of reputation and brand standing among shoppers. HUMMER and Cadillac were not far behind Mercedes-Benz in terms of brand cachet and buyer selectivity among extravagant SUV buyers. Keeping in mind that the Hummer is known for its brand and esteem, the military-style vehicle is known for its extravagance and intricacy, with Mercedes-Benz taking the top spot once again.

  • In the non-luxury purchasing group, Brand Watch discovered that Toyota and Honda scored highly in major property categories, including comfort, dependability, and security. Non-luxury SUV purchasers rank Ford first in terms of format/plan, beauty, and adaptability/adaptability.

  • "Brand insights and brand-level missions influence in-market consumers' settle on/model judgments," stated Rick Wainschel, Kelley Blue Book's VP of advertising exploration and brand interchanges. "A part of the domestic luxurious SUV companies' marketing efforts are paying off."

Brand Watch links over 12,000 active and in-market customers regularly to take an interest in its research and to share their opinions on vehicle brands within certain automotive segments.

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