Best Dacia Bigster Concept 2021

At the start of the year, the Renault group has spoiled the public with the unveiling of the future R5, which is already unleashing passions. 

But another model also caused a sensation. This is a large SUV, unexpectedly to say the least since it badged Dacia.

Best Dacia Bigster Concept 2021
Best Dacia Bigster Concept 2021

Best Dacia Bigster Concept 2021

A 7-seater SUV at Dacia? It seemed inconceivable just a few months ago. But the Romanian firm’s desire to emancipate, spurred on by Luca de Meo, recently catapulted to the head of the Renault group, opens up new prospects for the specialist in cheap cars. 

The manufacturer intends to move upmarket, without denying its low-cost origins. In 2025, the Bicester, that's its name, will be marketed at a price we are promised cannon.

Seat designer at the controls

To celebrate the event, the keys to Dacia design were entrusted to a big name: Alejandro Mesonero, who previously worked at seat, already under the direction of Luca de Meo. 

  1. The Italian took the Spaniard on board for this new Franco-Romanian adventure. 
  2. Here is their first baby, the design of which goes against the grain of what Dacia has offered until now.

Beautiful style references

The Bicester lives up to its name. It imposes it, it is a fact. Its athletic, muscular demeanor brings it closer to the world of outright 4x4s, rather than that of SUVs. We can find him fake airs of some Land Rover productions. 

  • But The Beast also knows how to be subtle. 
  • There is a bit of Volvo in this Bigster, at the level of the C pillar with a quarter panel that the XC40 would not deny, as well as at the level of the light signature of the front optics. 
  • Beautiful references that do not prevent the singularity with a very personal grille that plays horizontality, in the continuity of the headlights. 
  • Dacia is entering the modern era, in terms of style.

A new logo

And then Dacia has to inaugurate a new logo, also more assertive, with an X shape which skillfully mixes the D and the C of Dacia. It's very contemporary, despite its false air of the DMC logo, the parent company of DeLorean. We'll have to get used to it, the Dacia logo in the shape of a bottle opener will soon be over.

Dacia Bigster price

With the announced arrival of the Bicester, by 2025, Dacia will have to work on the famous attack price to communicate about its new baby. With its size evolving around 4.60 m long, 30 cm more than the Duster, and knowing that it will offer up to 7 seats, this large SUV could display a base price of between 15,000 and €17000, according to our estimates. 

For the record, a Duster starts at €12,490. At the top of the range, if it was decked out with a hybrid powertrain of at least 140 hp, the machine should flirt with €30,000. Even €35,000 if Renault grants it plug-in hybridization services. A powertrain that its modern CMF platform will allow without a problem.

A Peugeot 5008 at a discount?

Whatever happens, the future Dacia Bigster will always be more attractive than the competition's 7-seater SUVs. The Peugeot 5008, Volkswagen Tiguan All space, and Nissan X-Trail, on the front line, systematically exceed €30,000 at the entry-level.

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