Do you know how to repair a car radiator? Discover all the details

First, we must reaffirm the importance of going to your trusted workshop

However, it is also true that, if you have the necessary elements and as long as you have certain notions of mechanics, it is possible to carry out some repairs as long as the fault is not particularly serious.

Do you know how to repair a car radiator? Discover all the details


Discover all the details

This is the case, for example, of a small leak in the radiator of the vehicle, one of its most important elements.

But before starting with the practice, we will define some necessary elements so that the radiator can perform its function correctly. If we are clear about the importance of these components, and we remain vigilant so that their levels are always adequate, we will avoid the appearance of possible future breakdowns.

Then, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is antifreeze for?

Antifreeze is a liquid composed of different chemical elements whose function is to control the temperature of the engine to prevent its internal fluids from evaporating or freezing.

It is an essential fluid to ensure proper engine operation and avoid possible breakdowns, especially in environments with cold winters and night frosts.

What is the coolant for?

As its name indicates, the coolant fulfills the function of keeping the engine cool, preventing it from reaching too high temperatures that could even melt some of its components.

In addition, these types of liquids usually have elements with anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant characteristics, which is why they also represent an important component to avoid possible engine breakdowns, caused by the deterioration of its different parts.

Hence, we advise trying to always keep it at the levels recommended by the manufacturer. In case of any type of doubt regarding the coolant of your engine, consult your trusted expert.

Can you mix antifreeze in different colors?

If you are wondering if antifreeze can be mixed with two different colors, you should know that the color of the liquid is not the indicator on which to base your doubt, but its nature.

Thus, if you want to mix two antifreeze liquids, they should be organic or inorganic, but never of two different types.

Our advice as experts in fast mechanics services is that it is better not to mix two different liquids, but if mixing is needed for any reason, it will always be more convenient if both liquids have a similar nature. Remember, the color is not the important aspect, but whether both liquids are organic or inorganic, never different in this regard.

How to fix a radiator leak

Once some of the most important aspects of the car's cooling system have been explained, we will proceed to detail the steps to follow when repairing a small leak in its cooling circuit:

  1. First, with the engine off and cold, we recommend flushing the exterior of the system with water to make it easier to locate the location of the leak.
  2. Next, we'll start the engine to see exactly where the leak is.
  3. When we know which hose is the one that is leaking, we will remove the handles at both ends to be able to replace them, and we will take advantage of it to clean the radiator inlet opening well.
  4. Later, we will install a new hose, tightening the handles again so that the liquid does not come out.
  5. The next step would be to turn off the engine so that the radiator can be drained. After draining it, we will clean the place where the leak originated again, and we will patch the damaged surface with some type of special resin.
  6. Finally, we will pour sealant liquid for the coolant system inside the radiator. Subsequently, we complete the tank with the appropriate mixture of coolant and water until we reach the level indicated by the manufacturer.

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