Choose the power of your car

Having a strong vehicle is satisfying. Driving enjoyment is enhanced, and overtaking is simplified... But, on the other hand, the downsides are just as numerous, and you must bear this in mind while selecting your vehicle.

Did you know that the average horsepower of a new automobile in France is 113 horsepower? This value rises slowly every year, but should we be enticed by a powerful automobile?

Choose the power of your car

Tax power and real power: what difference?

When it comes to automobile power, there are two categories that are commonly referenced. The first is administrative or monetary power. 

This is determined in CV and is based on CO2 emissions in g/km, maximum engine power in kW, and a coefficient. The price of a registration certificate is determined by tax power, which is also used to compute mileage rates.

The real power (expressed in horse DIN and most commonly shown as "ch"), on the other hand, is exactly proportional to the torque numbers (in kW). At the optimal engine speed, a car's full power is provided. The fiscal power is a useful assistance in estimating an insurance premium or the amount of the gray card if the actual power offers a true representation of a car's acceleration and recovery capability.

Why is it important to choose the right power?

It's not easy to pick the right engine for your new automobile. You have to estimate the routes, analyze the needs, know if there will be a need to draw a trailer or a caravan... To arrive at one level of power rather than another. You don't have to overestimate your needs because a car « too » powerful generates additional costs of various kinds.

A car that is too feeble, on the other hand, lowers the enjoyment and necessitates more frequent trips in the towers, which leads to overconsumption. We may now consider an automobile to be underpowered if it does not exceed 100 horsepower. A automobile can be deemed powerful if it has more than 130 horsepower.

However, depending on the size and weight of the vehicle, the power order between a mini-city car and a family SUV can be adjusted up or down.

The benefits and drawbacks of using a strong motorization

  • A strong vehicle provides true driving pleasure. 
  • More than "flash" accelerations, we value the highest level of safety when overtaking and insertion onto the fast circuit. 
  • Resale is also made easier as a result of the improved adaptability. 
  • The bigger the power, however, the higher the insurance price. 
  • This is also true of CO2 emissions and, as a result, the potential for harm. 
  • Higher-performance versions may need the construction of more complex engines (such as Biturbo), which might raise the danger of failure.

Finally, with a strong automobile, the taxing power is frequently more... Depending on the gearbox's staging, it might be more or less efficient in terms of consumption. Buying a powerful automobile isn't always a terrible idea, as long as it fits your budget, your limits, and the length of time you want to have this prospective vehicle.

The advantages and disadvantages of a low-power motor

A low-powered vehicle is frequently easier to design. As a result, the sale price is lower, as it is with 4-horse and 5-horse automobiles. These automobiles with small engines are cost-effective to operate, both in terms of maintenance and insurance. 

Consumption can be beneficial or detrimental. If you utilize a tiny engine frequently, it will demand more climbing at high speeds, resulting in overconsumption. For example, we would not recommend a little motor for a car that will be used largely on the highway. Finally, save for city people and mini-city dwellers, compact engines are less sought after on the used market.

The main thing to remember

While having a powerful automobile is appealing, it is rarely the most cost-effective option when trying to stretch your car budget. A less powerful or intermediate-level engine may frequently give enough enjoyment for the day without putting your budget, insurance, maintenance, or gasoline in jeopardy. This is a fantastic concept!

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