New Peugeot 308

The new Peugeot 308 is bigger, more statutory, and more technological. In other words, for its compact size, the lion's brand has gone through the roof.

New Peugeot 308: increased ambitions
New Peugeot 308

Increased Ambitions

A new generation of 308 that goes up in the range and intends to compete with the Volkswagen Golf. It must be said that the previous generation of 308 can boast a very flattering journey, with more than 7,000,000 vehicles sold over the generations. She also holds 42 international awards, including the title of Car Of The Year in 2014.

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However, for this new version of the 308, the brand’s engineering staff saw the big picture, starting almost from a blank sheet to design this compact. 

  • In detail, the machine inaugurates the new logo where the king of animals now appears mouth wide open and protruding fangs well visible. 
  • Aesthetically, it is in line with the brand’s current style. 
  • The front spotlights are part of the dynamics and identity of the 308 and are extended by daylights in the shape of fangs on the front shield. 
  • At the rear, the lights adopt full LED technology displaying the three claws for a modern light signature, specific to the brand. 
  • Note that the new 308 has very high aerodynamics, with a Cx of 0.28.

Onboard, you will find the ambiance of all the Peugeot today, namely the small steering wheel, the screen counters placed at a height, and the touch panel in the center. However, the new lion’s compact design brings a lot of new features, including a sleek design and even more qualitative materials that clearly show a real rise in the range.

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Some practical equipment is emerging, for more security and ease, such as the «Ok Peugeot command» which allows access to all requests related to infotainment functions. Moreover, the latest generation of driving aids complements the offer of onboard technologies. 

Thus, an additional step towards semi-autonomous driving is taken with the Drive Assist 2.0 pack.

Futuristic presentation and quality materials, the design and presentation of the cabin go up a notch.

It consists of the adaptive cruise control with the «Stop and Go function» and they help to maintain position in the track. It also incorporates three new features available on divided carriageway lanes including semi-automatic lane change, advanced speed prediction, and curve speed adaptation.

If the lioness is available at launch with traditional petrol and diesel mechanics, Peugeot will also offer it as a rechargeable hybrid with blocks delivering 180 and 225 horsepower. A compact product with international marketing is expected in the second half of next year.

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