How to insure a car?

Ensuring your car, beyond the obligatory nature of this approach, allows you to be perfectly covered. 

Take the time to make a comparison of car insurance to find the best value for money. We take stock of the steps required to be fully insured.

How to insure a car?
How to insure a car?

The different guarantees of car insurance

First, it is advisable to take stock of the type of insurance you are looking for, including carefully defining the level of guarantees you want, according to your vehicle and profile.

If car insurance is compulsory, only the liability guarantee is imposed. Also, at a minimum, you must purchase auto insurance from a third party. Is that enough? Often that is not the case.

Here is your choice of car insurance:

  • Third-party insurance: this is the basic guarantee that includes only civil liability. This means that when you are responsible for an accident, only the victim is compensated by your insurer. If your vehicle is damaged, repairs are entirely at your expense;
  • Additional third-party insurance: this is civil liability, to which you can add certain guarantees. Depending on the insurer's formulas, you can benefit from ice breaking, the flight guarantee, or the fire guarantee;
  • All risks insurance: this time, you are fully supported, regardless of the situation. This very protective insurance allows you to be compensated, even when you are responsible for an accident.

Choose the guarantees of your car insurance

If you need to ensure your car, it is necessary to opt for the guarantee that corresponds to you. The choice is made according to certain criteria:

  • The value of your vehicle: the more valuable it is, the more you have an interest in a protective guarantee to be fully compensated in the event of a claim;
  • Its age: It is considered that from a certain age, it is preferable to choose a lower guarantee (a complimentary third party for example) to benefit from the essential guarantees while controlling your budget;
  • Your use: the more you drive, the greater the risk of an accident. If you travel many kilometers each year, it is better to use a protective formula;
  • Your profile: if you are a young driver, you are penalized by a premium for your lack of experience. It is better to buy a low-value vehicle during the first years and insure it at a minimum to reduce the price of your car insurance.

Choosing your warranties carefully also means taking the time to read the terms and conditions before signing. Make sure the level of deductibles is not too high, it could be financially damaging in the event of a disaster. 

Be aware that some insurers allow you to adjust the deductibles for an extra cost. This allows you to better control your budget and avoid a bad surprise.

Use an auto insurance comparator

You have decided your warranties, it is time to find your auto insurance. To ensure your car is at the best price, it is more than recommended using a comparator. This offers various advantages.

First, the comparator is free for you. So you're not taking any chances trying to save money. Moreover, this is a non-binding approach, so asking for a quote does not require you to subscribe.

Comparing online also saves valuable time. You no longer need to go from an agency to request quotes and answer insurers' questions many times. 

There is also no need to apply online on the insurers' website and to fill out numerous forms. With the insurance comparator, you fill out a single form to get different quotes. It only takes a few minutes.

Last but not least, the promised economy is very important. You can save up to 45% and €340 per year on your contract by choosing the right formula from the right insurer.

The procedure to insure a car

After comparing auto insurance quotes, you made your choice? You can simply click on the offer of the insurer of your choice to go to its site and start the registration process. Many insurers offer to subscribe online, again you will save valuable time. 

If you have any doubts or questions about the proposed contract, contact your new insurer. Also, if you are not comfortable with online registration, an advisor will be available to guide you.

Documents to be provided

Once insured with the selected insurance company, you will be required to submit certain documents to subscribe to your new car insurance:

  • Driving license;
  • The gray card of the car, or any other document (purchase invoice, purchase order) to allow the insurer to record the essential information on the insured vehicle;
  • The statement of information if you have already been insured before, to know your background and your reduction-increase coefficient (also called bonus-malus);
  • Official records related to prior claims;
  • A bank identity statement for any withdrawals.

No problem if you do not have these documents with you at the time of subscription, the new member is always presumed in good faith by the insurer who will issue you a cover note. 

However, the company should be promptly provided with all supporting documents to confirm your final subscription.

In addition, penalties for misrepresentation are sufficient deterrents to prevent you from trying to improve your situation: be honest, even if it increases your contribution. 

The financial consequences could be much greater in the event of a disaster. Your insurer may simply refuse to compensate you in the event of a misrepresentation.

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