Citroën ë-Berlingo Van (2021). Electric Utility Prices

Two months after opening its orders for private customers, the ë-Berlingo becomes available as a Van version for professionals. 

This 100% electric Citroën van, available from €30,500 (ex VAT), will benefit from a recently enhanced ecological bonus for utilities.

Citroën ë-Berlingo Van (2021). Electric Utility Prices

Announced in December 2020, the ë-Berlingo Van will have taken its time to arrive at the catalog. But his arrival is timely: this summer, when the environmental bonus for passenger cars has been reduced, the bonus for utility cars has been increased. 

Vans keep an aid of €7,000 if purchased by a natural person, or €5,000 for a legal person. This makes it easy to start the Citroën van's career, which remains far from the prices of thermal models.

Without deducting the bonus, its price starts at €30,500 excluding taxes in size M. This is €100 less than the cousin Peugeot e-Partner, but the most expensive of Berlingo diesel, the BlueHDi 130 BVM, is available from €22,950 ex VAT.

Better equipped than thermal models

However, to justify this bill, the ë-Berlingo can count on a more complete standard equipment as soon as it is finished, control. In addition to the necessarily automatic transmission, since it has no real gearbox, the 7 KW on-board charger and a mode 2 charging cable of 8A, it receives:

  • manual air conditioning
  • electric parking brake
  • gray 16-inch rims
  • a real spare wheel

Its 136 hp also makes it the most powerful in the range, even though it is only available in Sport mode. On the other hand, it can no longer receive the adaptive speed regulator, the additional heating, or the payload reinforced to 1,000 kg. 

You will have to be content with 800 kg on all M versions, or 750 kg on the XL whose length goes from 4.40 m to 4.75 m. 

The 50 kWh battery will not provide the range of diesel if it does not increase the charging volume up to 4.4 m3 in XL. Citroën announces only 275 km on the WLTP cycle. This is 10 km better than the future Renault Kangoo E-Tech Electric, but it will rely on a heat pump to limit the loss of range in winter.

The equipment of the other three finishes

Three other finishes are also offered on this ë-Berlingo. The Club version, available in M and XL, adds:

  • rear parking aid
  • governor-speed limiter
  • under inflation detection
  • fog lamps
  • driver's seat comfort (with armrest, height, and lumbar adjustment)
  • floor covered with TPO plastic

The Driver variant, which is only compatible with the Berlingo M, is intended more, according to the brand, for "employees who have to operate longer journeys sometimes over the whole day or to multiply deliveries in urban areas." It also benefits from the following facilities:

  • acoustic pack with a laminated windscreen
  • multifunction flywheel
  • automatic front windscreen wipers
  • Citroën Connect Nav multimedia system on the 8-inch tablet
  • 5-inch display instead of the center mirror
  • electrically foldable exterior mirrors

However, it lacks the rear parking aid or the TPO plastic coated floor to present on the Club declination. Finally, the in-depth Cabin version, based on the Berlingo LX, takes over the Control finish with as a bonus:

  • front and front passenger airbags
  • 3-seater 2/3-1/3 retractable seat in row 2
  • movable wire screen with trap door for long loads
  • under inflation detection
  • non-slip coated wood floor 9 mm
  • 60/40 de-icing rear doors with windscreen wiper (left door)
  • sliding side doors left and right glazed (fixed)
  • governor - speed limiter
  • interior mirror
  • manual child safety
  • driver's seat comfort (with armrest, height, and lumbar adjustment)
  • front-seat airplane tablet
  • multifunction flywheel

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