Take the jeepney in Manila: 5 ideas

Who hasn’t said to themselves that they would like to take jeepney more often? Few foreigners use them. 

Take the jeepney in Manila: 5 ideas

5 misconceptions

Unraveling some of the most persistent misconceptions about the preferred mode of transportation for Filipinos in the capital.

Jeepney is dangerous

The jeepney is no more dangerous than a taxi in which there is no seat belt. The jeepney rolls slowly because it often stops. Traffic in Metro Manila prevents him from going too fast. There are very few serious accidents involving jeepneys in the city.

I don't know how to pay or how much it costs

The ride costs 9 pesos in the capital for the first four kilometers. To pay, simply hand the money over to the driver and say "bayad po". The other passengers will help you by saying "bayad daw po". The money is called "suki". It's simple! Simply say "bayad daw po" to pass another passenger’s money. Favor coins over 50 pesos to make life easier for the driver. And no risk of theft, the jeepney is safe!

You can easily get lost by taking the jeepney

Yes, you can easily get lost when you move to a new city. It takes time to know where what is. On the side and front of the vehicle, the main points of the journey are indicated. 

  • To go south, we leave from Baclaran. 
  • To go to the north, we leave from Taft or Recto. 
  • Knowing the main points of the city, you can easily imagine the route. 
  • And to be sure, we just ask the driver to say the name of the destination. 
  • No need to know how to speak Tagalog!

Jeepney is dirty

The fact that there is no window allows the air to renew itself all the time. There's a little trash can by the driver. The jeepney is no dirtier than any other mode of transport! When the race is over, the driver cleans his jeepney. Why? Because he often lives or sleeps in it, he has every interest in keeping it clean.

Jeepney is noisy and it pollutes

Yes, the old jeepneys are noisy. So listen to music or enjoy talking with other passengers. The new jeepneys are no noisier than a small bus. As for pollution, it is still debatable. A jeepney replaces at least six cars. It allows 22 people to travel simultaneously.

Jeepney is for the poor

If you came to the Philippines and you can't stand poverty, you can pack your bags! Taking jeepney means supporting a family, a small local economy, and an invisible social class that has no social security or pension.

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