Tuned and Lifted Ford F-150 Dyno

Justin from American Trucks shows us how fast the Coyote V8 can make the 2021 f150. The 5.0-liter V8-powered F150 appears in this video. 

They take a look at three of the most common automobile modifications. 

Tuned and Lifted Ford F-150 Dyno

Tuned and Lifted trucks Ford F-150 Dyno

An entrance, a song, and a feline back fumes system are among them. They used the Dyno framework to examine the statistics after that. They then proceed to a neighboring racetrack to put it to the test.


  1. Breathing
  2. Tuning
  3. System of Fumes
  4. Dyno Tests
  5. Ahead of Schedule


The JLT Performance Cold Air Intake, which will be available for the 5.0-liter F150 starting in 2015, is the most significant upgrade. Because of JLT's reputation for enhancing force, Justin chose this admittance. 

He also mentioned the lack of tweaking necessary, which is standard, as well as the look of the 4.5-inch channel being exposed. It has a 4-inch plastic entry tube, a nice look, and takes about 15 minutes to install at the most severe.


From there, Justin used an ID Motorsports Tune to do the tuning. Justin has had good luck with this brand's music, therefore the 93-octane track was decided for the F150.

System of Fumes

The changes are balanced by a Roush Single Exhaust System – Side Exit setup, This, starting with the 2015 model year, is furthermore offered for the 5.0-liter F150.

Justin decided this feline back fumes structure in part because of its lovely, raucous clamor. He, too, picked it because of its renown. Depending on your wheelbase, you may need to perform a little trimming to get it in.

Dyno Tests

Because the 6th and 7th apparatuses had speed limiters installed, the Dyno pulls were done in fifth rigging. On 93-octane, the truck's base version produced 314 horsepower and 322 pound-feet of torque. On 93-octane, it produced 355 pull and 354 pound-feet of torque after all the changes, including the ID Motorsports tune. 

This translates to a maximum strength of 41 and torque of 32 pound-feet. Under the curve, the larger rises appear. There is a notable improvement in the strength of 43 percent and torque of 56 pound-feet.

Ahead of Schedule

  • Next, it was time to head to the track to put the 2018 F150 through its paces with all the modifications in place. 
  • On the track, there's another American Trucks change, with Chevy Silverado changes as well. 
  • There are no records that they are specifically seeking to beat because there is no gauge number for the standard car. 
  • Because this is a large, substantial truck with a Super Crew cabin, Justin doesn't expect astronomical numbers.

Justin tries to squeeze more RPM out of the gap on the following run. 13.906 seconds and 99.47 miles per hour are the results. By and large, this was a four-star rating in Sport Mode. 

Despite concerns about how the tires would handle it, Justin decided to put the truck into two-wheel drive for the final lap to see if it could maintain the speed. The quickest speed with the tweaks was 13.967 seconds and 100.34 miles per hour.

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