Top 5 Incredible Civilian Armored Vehicles

Many people believe that armored cars are exclusively utilized by armed forces, banks, and heads of government when we discuss them. In truth, it's a misunderstanding. 

Nowadays, anyone may employ armored vehicles. Civilian armored vehicles differ from military vehicles in appearance, resembling conventional automobiles. 

As a result, distinguishing between armored and non-armored vehicles is difficult.

Top 5 Incredible Civilian Armored Vehicles
Top 5 Incredible Civilian Armored Vehicles

Civilian armored vehicles are less safe than military vehicles, although they are more comfortable. You may also personalize your civilian automobiles to meet your specific needs. These cars are outfitted with the most up-to-date security features to keep your loved ones safe.

Bulletproof automobiles nowadays are quite sophisticated, capable of withstanding large-scale attacks from lethal weapons such as the AK-47 and even bomb explosions. You'll discover a lot of fascinating things about civilian armored vehicles in this post. Let's go right to the point...

Who is eligible to purchase civilian armored vehicles?

For people, armored survival vehicles or new bulletproof trucks have been developed. Anyone with a security concern may and should purchase one of these automobiles. Almost all the armored automobiles produced by International Armored Corporation have been supplied to nations dealing with terrorism, civil strife, or organized crime.

A civilian armored vehicle can be used as an armored survival vehicle. The number of civilians in the United States is rapidly increasing. Other nations with severe security concerns, such as Mexico, Nigeria, and Brazil, are big fans of these cars.

Professional sports, politicians, celebrities, business executives, and other VIPs across the world can use these cars. To put it another way, these cars provide you with greater security than your bodyguards. As a result, you should armor your car as quickly as possible to increase your degree of protection.

Three Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Civilian Armored Vehicle

If you want to acquire a new street-legal armored vehicle, you should be familiar with the armoring technology as well as some other essential features found in the best automobiles. These items aid in the armoring of your vehicle.

1. Civilian Armored Vehicles' Special Interior Equipment

Different civilian armored vehicles have various interior features. Almost every car manufacturer customizes the exterior and interior components to the client's specifications. Partitioning walls with sliding LED screens for passenger cells, automated fire extinguishing systems, unique leather seats, sliding armored sunroofs, and other features can be installed, for example.

Some automobiles include cutting-edge technologies including night vision displays, road track dispensing systems, and strengthened bumpers. They also create a useful smokescreen to protect themselves from attackers. You may use run-flat tires instead of standard tires to offer an extra layer of security.

2. Civilian Armored Vehicles of Various Models

In the market, there are many car models to choose from. Here are some of the best civilian models:

  • Armored Stretch Limousines: These versions are based on Mercedes-Benz and BMW automobiles and are suited for civilians.

  • Sedans: These vehicles are based on various Maybach, Audi 8, BMW S-series, and Mercedes S-class models. You may contact Armor max to have several Sedan models customized to your specifications.

  • Armored SUVs for Civilians: These are some more versions that are ideal for civilian use. The Aston Martin, Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, and BMW X7 are used to make civilian armored SUVs. The Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 SUV, Cadillac Escalade, and Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Track hawk are just a few of Armor max's civilian armored SUVs.

  • Armored Trucks: Armored trucks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the manufacturer. Armor max, for example, makes bulletproof Ford Raptor trucks, Tesla Cyber-trucks, Rezvani Tanks, and Toyota Hi luxes, among other vehicles.

  • Armored Sports Car: Armored sports cars are uncommon. You may still contact armoring businesses if you wish to armor any sports automobile.

3. Civilian Armored Vehicle Armoring Standards

For civilian armored vehicles, there are a variety of armoring standards. Ballistics Rating, or BR, for example, is a European categorization system for certifying materials and overall vehicle designs. They grade different materials from B4 through B7, with B7 being the highest level of protection.

Civilian armored vehicles are also certified using a variety of other prominent standards and grades. These standards include NU (in the United States), VPAM (in Germany), and VASG (in the United Kingdom) (in the UK). Similarly, some of the most common scale armored vehicle classes are PM4 to PM9 or VR4 to VR. Simple numeric scales ranging from 4 to 7 are also used by certain manufacturers.

Top 5 Incredible Civilian Armored Vehicles

For civilians, there are several top-of-the-line armored vehicles on the market. As a result, picking the finest of the greatest automobiles is quite tough. However, we did our best to choose the top 5 fantastic armored vehicles available to people. Here are some of the greatest civilian armored vehicles on the market right now:

1. Sentinel is a Range Rover model

The Range Rover Sentinel was developed by Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operation (SVO) division a few years ago. It was a civilian armored vehicle based on a Range Rover Autobiography with a standard wheelbase. It does, however, provide the best amount of protection among SUVs.

The Range Rover Sentinel fulfills VR8 criteria and offers the best ballistic protection available. It can also survive a wide range of armor-piercing incendiary bullets and bomb explosions.

Multi-laminated protected privacy glass, a self-sealing fuel tank, super-high-strength steel, tamper-proof exhaust, and an auxiliary backup battery are all features of this vehicle. It has run-flat tires on all four wheels, which adds an extra layer of protection. It is one of the best possibilities for you if you want a beautiful, unobtrusive, and off-road-ready car.

2. Dartz Black Shark

Top 5 Incredible Civilian Armored Vehicles

Another nice alternative for civilians is to purchase Dartz Black Shark, which has 1500 HP. A Russian Black Shark military helicopter influenced the design of this vehicle. 

It has several modern security measures, including electro-chromatic privacy windows. Furthermore, its anti-paparazzi shock mechanisms are included in its vanishing coach door handles.

It's a very safe vehicle that can prevent the use of magnetic mines and the firing of a variety of lethal weapons. This massive vehicle is capable of handling grade B7 ballistics. Meanwhile, it's fully configurable, has excellent blast resistance, and is magnetic mine-proof.

3. S-Guard Mercedes-Benz

Top 5 Incredible Civilian Armored Vehicles

It may appear to be identical to a typical series-production S-Class. It is, nevertheless, composed of incredibly durable and sturdy steel as well as cutting-edge ceramic composite materials. 

It has high-quality bullet-resistant glass and overlapping components that provide complete ballistic protection.

It also includes run-flat tires, which let you travel for up to 80 kilometers following a puncture. Its fresh air emergency system protects passengers from smoke and tear gas. 

In the meanwhile, it has a fire suppression system. When heat sensors detect a fire, the system is automatically activated and the fire is extinguished.

4. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

Top 5 Incredible Civilian Armored Vehicles
Top 5 Incredible Civilian Armored Vehicles

It's another classic civilian armored vehicle. The black matte leather inside, bullet-resistant exterior, security cameras, power battery, and automated fire extinguishing system are all features of this premium car.

The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is equipped with modern security measures, including oxygen supply and fuel tank protection. Its specialized lights set it apart from all other armored vehicles. Furthermore, its floor is resistant to hand grenades and explosives. As a result, it is one of the most secure automobiles available.

5. A8 Audi Security

Top 5 Incredible Civilian Armored Vehicles

Audi armored vehicles are known for providing security while maintaining a stylish appearance. In comparison to other vehicles, the cost of these civilian armored vehicles is extremely considerable. This vehicle is resistant to several pistols and other firearm rounds.

Special aluminum alloys are used in the construction of the Audi A8 Security. The German Ballistics Testing Center has approved this masterwork for VR 7 ballistic requirements. It's also adaptable, so you may add new features as needed. You may, for example, design a Personal Assistant System in the automobile to speak with strangers. The car's entire cost is estimated to be approximately $700,000.

Why Should Civilian Armored Vehicles Use Armor max?

Armor max stands itself from its competitors in several ways. We make the world's most dependable and well-protected civilian armored vehicles. All sorts of vehicles, from Toyota Land Cruisers to Land Rovers, may be armored. You may also buy armored vehicles and SUVs, among other things.

Our knowledgeable staff has a thorough understanding of the industry as well as the most up-to-date production technology. We can create the lightest armor components at the most affordable prices. The German Ballistics Testing Center (GBS) has approved different civilian armored cars built by Armormax, such as the Audi A8, for the VR 7 ballistic standard.

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