Jaguar XF 2022 Review

The Jaguar XF 2022 is the company's last sedan, at least until the electrified XJ comes later this year.

That's a bit of a departure for the English brand known for its famous sedans (and at least one coupe), but such are the tastes of today's shoppers.

Jaguar XF 2022 Review
Jaguar XF 2022 Review


  1. Beautiful interior design and high-quality materials
  2. Comfortable and comfortable chairs with plenty of legroom
  3. The inside is quiet.


  1. The user interface is difficult to use and unintuitive.
  2. Interior storage and trunk space are quite limited.
  3. Engines that are less powerful and efficient than those of several competitors
  4. Steering and handling qualities that are unsatisfactory

What's brand new?

  • Standard feature availability has been tweaked somewhat.
  • Part of the second XF generation, which was unveiled in 2016.

The XF returns in 2022 with only modest changes to the seats, interior trim, and driver information, following a set of revisions last year. In the highest trims, analog gauges replace the old digital display, which is a win for drivers who want to see a tactile needle skimming the dashes of a tachometer.

With pricing that is much lower than European rivals like the Audi A6 or BMW 5 Series, and even lower than a newer competitor like the Genesis G80, the XF stands out as one of the best luxury bargains available. 

The XF retains an outstanding blend of ride quality and compelling driving characteristics, as well as lots of passenger room and superior inside materials, even at its relatively low price.

The XF is a good choice if you want the technology and comfort of a more costly car, but don't need to travel quickly. And believe us when we say you won't be going fast with two lackluster engine options. Because the XF's trunk is one of the smallest in its class, you won't be picking up many people with baggage. As a result, the XF is a good value, but it comes with certain drawbacks. Check out our Expert Rating to see whether you can live with the Jaguar sedan's flaws.

Jaguar XF 2022 Review

Our conclusion 7.3/10

The Jaguar XF is a seductive luxury sedan with a striking design and a smooth ride. However, the XF struggles to deliver on its promises and lacks actual athletic credentials behind its first display. This premium car is defined by its flaws rather than its strengths, and while there are a few notable victories, they aren't enough to cover up its numerous flaws.

What is the XF's driving style? 7.0/10

The XF is powerful enough. At our test track, a P300 R-Dynamic with all-wheel drive ran from 0 to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds. That's not ideal, but the Jaguar has enough muscle to keep up with traffic. The Jaguar's best feature is its braking system. The Jaguar feels controlled and confident in ordinary braking, as well as in our 60-0 mph panic-stop test.

The remainder of the driving experience isn't quite as enjoyable. The eight-speed automatic transmission has sluggish shifts that slow down the engine, and the steering lacks an on-center feel and requires frequent monitoring while driving on the interstate. 

The XF is most frustrating since it seems energetic and fun at low speeds, but it strangely lacks the handling characteristics to keep up as your speed increases. Its unpredictable nature keeps it from attaining its full sporting potential.

Jaguar XF 2022 Review

What is the XF's comfort level? 8.0/10

On extended rides, our test vehicle's leather sport seats were shapely and supportive, and the pleasant padding and side bolster kept you in place when cornering. 

  • There is a large range of adjustments upfront to accommodate drivers of all sizes. 

  • Another highlight is ride comfort, which mutes road irregularities before they reach your seat. 

  • The suspension, on the other hand, seems bouncy and takes a long time to bring the car to a level ride. At highway speeds, we observed very little noise within the cabin.

  • The climate control system, which in our tests spewed out warm air even when the temperature was set to colder, is one glaring flaw.

What's the state of the interior? 7.0/10

The XF offers a roomy cabin with enough room for rear passengers to stretch out. However, there are issues. Small doors, broad sills to walk over, and a low roofline due to the athletic style make getting in and out difficult. The seats and steering wheel can be adjusted once you're inside, but the mechanisms to activate them are unclear and awkwardly situated.

Due to the wide windshield pillars and heavy rearview mirror housing, it might be difficult to see. And the controls are at best inconvenient – the driver display is tough to use, the infotainment menus are ambiguous, and the XF has only a few hard buttons that may provide some comfort. 

Depending on what you're attempting to achieve, you'll need to pull, press, or twist the climate knobs. This is a much steeper learning curve than we are used to.

What's the state of the technology? 7.5/10

We have both good and terrible news. On the bright side: The 11.4-inch touchscreen displays bright maps and menus, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connections are simple to use. Our test vehicle featured fantastic surround-sound audio that was magnified by the XF's calm, and the navigation system can rapidly pinpoint locations.

The voice controls were less appealing to us because they just provided minimal functionality and did not respond to natural language. Even if you're stuck in traffic, the parking sensors are loud enough to drown out your music and offer constant alerts.

Surprisingly, the speed limiter and adaptive cruise control are controlled by the same button. A system that should be as simple as possible has become overly complicated.

How's the storage situation? 6.0/10

When it comes to cargo capacity, the XF used to be a class leader, but the new version is far poorer. The trunk is the smallest in the midsize luxury class, with just 10.5 cubic feet, and its high floor and low ceiling make it unsuitable for many medium-size to big objects. Similarly, the cabin has a restricted amount of storage space. Please don't over pack.

The back seat offers ample room for a child's car seat, but the narrow door openings may make loading a large rear-facing seat problematic. Also, keep an eye out for the detachable latch covers.

How's the gas mileage? 7.0/10

The XF earned 23.7 MPG on our highway-biased test route, which is less than the EPA's combined estimate of 25 MPG (22 city/30 highway). This indicates that the XF may struggle to match its predicted fuel efficiency rating in real-world driving, and it's lower than several luxury sedan competitors with larger and more powerful six-cylinder engines. It also necessitates the use of premium gasoline.

Is the Jaguar XF a good buy? 8.0/10

The XF makes an immediate impact. Inside, there's a stunning display of leather and metal, all of which are held together by tight stitching and panel gaps. The Jaguar is usually more expensive than fully outfitted Japanese competitors, but less expensive than its German counterparts.

Jaguar also provides a decent warranty, with basic and powertrain coverage lasting five years and 60,000 miles, respectively. Rust coverage, roadside assistance, and free maintenance are all covered under the same conditions, which is quite substantial for the class.

7.5/10 for the wildcard

Because of its original appearance and appealing interior quality, the XF has a lot of personalities. It makes a statement upon arrival, maybe more so than many of its more opulent competitors. However, its presence brings with it a slew of annoyances, such as simulated athleticism that is never achieved in practice.

Edmund's recommends which XF

The XF's base S trim offers one of the finest European luxury bargains on the market, but we'd opt for the SE instead. It comes with extras like bigger wheels, driver's seat memory, and GPS, but we'd prefer it solely because it unlocks options like adaptive suspension, ventilated front seats, and an improved audio system that isn't accessible on the standard model. 

The additional power from the top-trim SE R-Dynamic isn't worth it, but it's your only option if you require an all-wheel drive.

Models of Jaguar XF

The Jaguar XF is a midsize luxury car that comes in three trim levels: S, SE, and SE R-Dynamic for 2022. The S and SE have a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with rear-wheel drive that produces 246 horsepower and 294 lb-ft of torque. The SE R-Dynamic adds all-wheel drive and a more powerful version of the same engine (296 hp, 295 lb-ft). All grades come equipped with an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

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