Rimac Nevera: the electric supercar that is nearly 2,000 hp and exceeds 400 km/h

Unveiled in March 2018 as a concept car, the new electric supercar of the Croatian firm Rimac is now ready for production. The Rimac Nevera presents performances that test the boundaries of this genre.

After more than two years of development, Rimac has officially presented the production version of its electric supercar. The Rimac Nevera is almost a copy and paste of the Rimac C_Two prototype that we discovered at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018.

The performances announced at the time have not changed and remain as amazing: 1,914 horsepower, 2,360 Nm of torque, 412 km/h peak speed, and 0 to 100 km/h in 1.97 seconds. A real electric missile with an integral transmission and with a nickel 120 kWh lithium-manganese battery containing 6,960 cells can offer up to 550 km of range.

Rimac Nevera: the electric supercar that is nearly 2,000 hp and exceeds 400 km/h
Rimac Nevera: the electric supercar that is nearly 2,000 hp and exceeds 400 km/h

Rimac Nevera has four separate electric motors

The Rimac Nevera is equipped with four electric motors (2 times 250 kW at the front and 2 times 450 kW at the rear) with independent converters and gearboxes and a controlled torque vectorization. The monohull chassis is made of carbon, as is the roof and most of the structural elements. The Nevera weighs 2.1 tons on the scale.

The pilot will be able to choose various modes of driving, more or less assisted. The electric supercar was designed for the circuit, with an amazing virtual coaching device. The Rimac Driving Coach uses 12 ultrasonic sensors, 13 cameras, and 6 radar systems onboard the Nevera to analyze piloting and provide visual and audio guidance to improve trajectory, chord points, braking, and acceleration.

A superb toy for very wealthy amateurs, ready to pay two million euros to buy one of the 150 Rimac Nevera that will be produced and marketed from the end of 2021.

Rimac C_Two, an ultra-powerful and autonomous electric supercar!

Rimac presented its second electric supercar, whose technical sheet has enough to make gasoline racing cars pale. A power of nearly 2,000 hp, 415 km/h at peak speed, facial recognition as locks, and a level 4 autonomous driving for those who are afraid to press the accelerator.

  • In an intense race, the Rimac Concept One, a 1,000-horsepower electric supercar, competed against a Tesla S P90D and a LaFerrari. The Croatian manufacturer is back at the Geneva Motor Show with a new model even more amazing. 

  • The Rimac C_Two does nothing less than almost double the power, that goes to 1,914 hp (1,400 kW). The car delivered a torque of 2,300 nm (newtons. meters) against 1,600 nm for the Concept One, which had already pulverized the performance of the LaFerrari and the Tesla.

  • As a result of this power, the C_Two knocked down 0 to 100 km/h in 1.85 seconds, while the Concept One took 2.6 seconds. The maximum speed is 415 km/h. The car is equipped with two direct-drive electric motors on the front wheels. 

  • At the rear, two other motors are coupled to a two-speed transmission, one for acceleration and the other for peak speed. A torque vectoring system distributes power between the wheels according to the conditions to ensure maximum traction.

Rimac C_Two released in 2020
Rimac Nevera: the electric supercar that is nearly 2,000 hp and exceeds 400 km/h

Rimac C_Two released in 2020

With moderate driving, respecting speed limits, and no unexpected accelerations, the 120 kWh nickel lithium-manganese battery should provide 650 km of range. The Rimac C Two is a high-tech supercar in addition to its performance. Face recognition opens the doors, and sensors monitor the weather and adjust the electricity appropriately. 

If the thrill of driving such a car isn't enough, level 4 autonomous driving technology (in which the vehicle handles all the parameters for the whole route) can take over.

These extraordinary performances, which far surpass those of gasoline-powered supercars, are only a glimpse of what electric propulsion can offer. There is almost no limit to the amount of progress, and it will not be surprising to see electric cars even more powerful than the C_Two shortly. In the meantime, it will be sold in 2020 in 150 copies. Its price has not yet been disclosed. 

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