One of the best environmentally friendly electric cars

RECHARGE or RENEWABLE POWER is now the slogan of the automobile industry, in particular, the car manufacturers who seek to develop electric cars and to resort to government subsidies.

One of the best environmentally friendly electric cars

One of the best environmentally friendly electric cars

For example, Mahindra has e2oPlus and eVerito, while Tata Motors plans to launch an electric version of Nano, in addition to working intensively with State Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (ESSL) in electric vehicles (EV).

This is not only the case with Tata, but each actor in the automotive industry is also about to change the game using "ELECTRICITY". While many electric cars are on foreign roads, Indian roads have not yet seen them move. For now, let's see which of the best electric cars are already on tour elsewhere.

Chevy Bolt EV

It is disturbing to see the American Chevrolet. UU. It is slowly moving away from the Indian market, but people want me to come back with the Chevy Bolt EV. 

This slender 266-pound car is expected to last nearly 238 miles (approximately 380 km). A classic Bolt is priced at around $36,000 and the best example of how decent things happen in small but powerful packages. It is a solid and luxurious 5 passengers with a 10.2-inch information and entertainment system which supports Apple Car Play and Android Auto.


Hyundai Ioniq electric

It has an extremely high appearance and a great example of first-class functionality. It has a leather-wrapped steering wheel, comfortable front seats, automatic air conditioning, a 7-inch touch screen, among many other features. Travel nearly 124 miles on a single charge. For less than $30,000, Ionic is available in three variants: plug-in hybrid, electric car and traditional hybrid as usual.

BMW i3

Combine the specifications of luxury cars and elegant design to obtain the new BMW i3. 170 horses give it robustness and come with a range of 114 miles. The BMW i3, rightly, costs a distinctive style statement of around $42,000. It is expensive but desirable for the simple fact that it is elegant.

Tesla Model S

If you really like having an electric vehicle, then do it, it is beautiful, elegant and totally a vehicle with real things. Tesla proudly declares that it is the car that has the maximum range compared to all of its competitors today.

On a single charge, travel 335 miles. Do you know that? It also captures 60 km / h from 0 to 2. Seconds. It costs around $70,000 and rightly the best electric car.

Kia Soul EV

It remains an impressive car with a square design: it emphasizes distinction and perfect style. It has a range of 150 km and is quite spacious and comfortable. With 109 CV, you can easily accommodate 5 people for optimal comfort. The price is around $34,000.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Blade can now be considered the most famous electric vehicle because it has its own valid and solid designs. The 40 kWh battery allows a trip of 400 km without interruption with 1 full charge. 

The battery charge takes between 8 and 16 hours (depending on the input power). For only around $30,000, this Japanese car also has an elegant design.

Tesla Roadster

It is powerful, extremely aesthetic, rich in functionality and class in design. We don't say what Tesla says, and if you don't believe it, you can confirm it yourself. At the highest speed (250 mph), it reaches 60 mph from 0 in less than 2 seconds. Priced at $200,000 and even has a removable glass roof. With that, we finish the list and, if you have other good electric vehicles, let us know. And find out more about Mahindra electric cars

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