How Do I Turn Off My GPS Tracking Device in My Car?

Steps to Follow When Disabling GPS Tracking on a Vehicle, Finding the GPS locator is step one. Using a GPS detector is step two. The third step is to activate the detector.

When driving or traveling, GPS gadgets are useful navigational aids that are simple to use, especially if you get lost in a remote area. 

These devices are also used as trackers. In reality, some individuals are deliberately employing this, which may potentially represent a threat to your safety. 

You must be aware of the actions to do to turn off the vehicle GPS tracking in your automobile if you suspect that someone is attempting to determine your precise position using this device.

How Do I Turn Off My GPS Tracking Device in My Car?
How Do I Turn Off My GPS Tracking Device in My Car?

A GPS tracker is what?

As previously stated, a GPS tracker is a navigational tool. It is either already fitted in a moving vehicle or is pulled by one. This gadget utilizes GPS to pinpoint its location and speed. 

The GPS monitoring gadget then stores the data gathered from your automobile. This is how stolen automobile tracking works. Are GPS trackers more than that?

Numerous Applications for GPS Trackers

To locate an object, even one that is moving, GPS trackers use satellites. It is useful and has numerous advantages. One benefit is that it can show the position and speed of a moving vehicle in real-time.

We are aware that utilizing this gadget carries some risks. However, be aware of when, when, and how the GPS tracker on your car is utilized before you turn it off.

Finding You

The most typical application for GPS trackers is this. If you're going trekking or traveling a long distance, this is strongly advised. 

It can pinpoint your precise location in case you get lost anyplace on Earth, including in the woods, even if you're going from one location to another. The likelihood that the police will discover you is increased by the deployment of GPR trackers.

Finding Lost Animals

Even pets can use this technology now. If a pet gets lost unintentionally or runs away due to loud thunderstorms, fireworks, or other events, a GPS pet tracking gadget employs a microchip that is implanted into the animal's skin to assist the owner in determining their precise position.

How Do I Turn Off My GPS Tracking Device in My Car?

Getting Back a Stolen Car and Recovering It

Stolen automobiles with GPS trackers fitted have a better chance of being found since the gadget makes it easy to pinpoint its precise position.

Following the Illegal

Even law enforcement is using this technology to find the bad people because it is so extensively utilized.


To locate minerals on the Earth's surface in various hues or strata, miners utilize GPS trackers.

Depending on the users' goals, GPS trackers can be valuable tools. We are aware, though, that using it has hazards, such as when it's used by someone else to stalk you or for other unpleasant things. So, if it would be safer, feel free to turn off the GPS tracker in your car.

How to determine if Your Car Has a GPS Tracker?

Installing a GPS tracker on your automobile without your knowledge is undoubtedly upsetting. There are ways to find out whether you have one in your automobile if you're feeling suspicious.

  • Examine the wheels. The most typical location or component of the car where a GPS tracker is installed and concealed is here.

  • The dashboard, please. The dashboard is one of the first places to go while searching for the GPS tracker in the automobile, since where else?

  • Verify the bumpers. The front or back bumpers are other potential locations for GPS trackers. Just be careful not to cut any cables because doing so might prevent the sensors in the car from receiving electricity.

  • Verify the subframe. Take a flashlight and inspect the cars underneath. Nevertheless, because of the metal that is obstructing the connection, the GPS tracker won't work effectively under your automobile.

The Best Ways to Disable GPS Tracking for Vehicles

You may disconnect the GPS tracker manually if you feel intimidated and insecure that someone is secretly tracking your travels online, or if you simply find it unsettling to have one placed in your car. You only need a trustworthy Swiss knife to be good to go.

Step 1: Locate the GPS device

Find the GPS tracker inside and outside your vehicle. It is as little as a matchbox, which means it can be pretty difficult. It is rectangular as well.

The latest GPS tracker devices have built-in batteries, so if you find the one you're searching for, you can anticipate that it isn't permanently connected to your vehicle's electrical system.

Step 2: Use a GPS Detector Device

A spy detecting equipment might help you if you're having trouble finding the GPS tracker that's been put in your automobile. 

When preparing to turn off the GPS tracker on your car, this is one of the items you'll need. You can get one from physical and online retailers if you don't already have one.

Step 3: Turn ON the Detector Device

Use it to scan your automobile in its entirety. To receive a strong signal, be within a five-meter radius. The GPS finder will beep and flash its light once it has found you.

Step 4: Conduct two car scans

Do this at various times because not all tracking gadgets continuously transmit signals.

Step 5: Take Away the Whole Device

Once you've located the GPS tracker, you can easily turn it off by totally removing the gadget from the car and draining the battery as well.

Final Reflections

The tracking system is becoming more and more significant. It's usually used for finding misplaced cars, people, and even pets when traveling and as a safety measure! Even mining and crime-solving were among its many applications. 

This technology is used by the police, detectives, and other authorities to find wanted offenders.

However, because of how widely it is used, some users have even gone as far as to invade the privacy of others or engage in other unlawful activities. 

Remember that you have a legal right to know whether and why a GPS tracker has been put in your automobile. You also have the choice to decline and may find out how to turn off GPS tracking devices in vehicles.

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