Donate your car in New York City

You may support the programming you enjoy, whether it be on the radio or streamed online, by donating your car to New York Public Radio - WNYC (93.3 FM)

If you have a car, truck, SUV, minivan, boat, or just about any other sort of vehicle that you aren't using as much as you were a few years ago.

Donating your vehicle has several benefits over selling it. You won't have to deal with the trouble of having to show the automobile to random individuals at inconvenient times because it's quick and simple. 

Your gift will fund the daily news, business, and entertainment programs that you listen to on New York Public Radio, and we'll arrange a pickup.

Donate your car in New York City
Donate your car in New York City

How might donating a car benefit New York Public Radio?

Nielsen Audio estimates that WNYC receives roughly 950,000 listeners per week. The typical monetary gift comes to roughly $120. Public radio is maintained by that gift, and all of those donations add up.

But consider the impact if you gave WNYC a vehicle. Some sources claim that even a trash automobile is worth $250 in scrap. What about a running automobile in a time when there aren't many cars around? 

Consider the possibility that 10% of the 950,000 listeners might contribute a $1,000 automobile. The total is $9.5 million.

Additionally, the Car Talk Car Donation program donates more than 70% of each vehicle's worth to the station of your choice, as opposed to the typical vehicle gift site, where less than 50% of the donation goes to charity. 

While we pay for the transportation and processing of the automobiles, the remaining funds go entirely toward funding your preferred programs.

How to Give a Car to WNYC's New York Public Radio (93.3 FM)

  1. If your car is presently registered, have the title and registration handy.
  2. To get started, visit the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program page or give us a call at 1-877-215-0227.
  3. Respond to inquiries regarding your vehicle and yourself.
  4. Decide on a day and time for the automobile to be picked up.

What is required for you to finish your automobile gift to New York Public Radio?

When you're prepared to give, you'll require a few items. If you give an automobile or sell it all together, New York requires you to accomplish the following:

  1. Complete and sign your vehicle title — You must complete and sign the valid registration if your car is older than 1973 since New York only titles automobiles manufactured in 1973 or after.
  2. You can obtain a replacement title if yours is lost by contacting the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

During the pickup day?

You must hand the completed title and the keys to the driver on the day your car is supposed to be picked up. You'll receive a car donation receipt for tax purposes when the vehicle sells.

What initiatives does a car donation help?

Even if they live thousands of miles from New York, NPR listeners around the nation enjoy the information produced by WNYC. 

New York Public Radio produces and distributes shows including On the Media, The New Yorker Radio Hour, RadioLab, Death, Sex & Money, Science Friday, Consider This, and The United States of Anxiety, which are downloaded by podcast listeners around the nation.

And WNYC consistently provides the high-caliber programming that listeners expect. Every time a listener needs it, All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, and BBC News Hour provide balanced, accurate news. 

Outstanding classical music is made available to the metropolitan New York region via WQXR's music programming, which includes The New York Philharmonic This Week, The Metropolitan Opera Radio Saturday Matinée Broadcasts, McGraw Hill Young Artists Showcase, and Movies on the Radio.

Donate your car in New York City

What are some reliable sources for automobile donations in New York?

Your preferred New York Public Radio station will get funding through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program.

Give a car to a station on the National Public Radio network

See how simple it is to have a significant effect with a vehicle donation by giving your old or unwanted automobile to your local NPR station now!

Want a fantastic way to help your local NPR station and the shows you enjoy? You accomplish this when you give a car to your preferred NPR station. 

By donating your automobile to public radio, you can support shows like All Things Considered, Fresh Air, Planet Money, and Car Talk. 

To continue broadcasting, National Public Radio stations throughout the country rely on donations from listeners like you. It's simple to do your part and support public radio with a vehicle contribution. 

Give NPR the funding it needs to keep giving you the radio you love by quickly and simply donating your car now by calling or using our short online form.

Donating a car to an NPR station is a quick and simple method to get rid of an unwanted car while simultaneously supporting public radio. 

Additionally, if you itemize your tax return, a car donation entitles you to a substantial tax deduction. Your automobile contribution will be collected at your leisure, free of charge. 

The car will be auctioned off, with the money raised going to your preferred public radio station. It's just a phone call or form submission away and couldn't be simpler. Donate a car to an NPR station right away by dialing or clicking!

Here are a few more wonderful advantages of automobile donation:

  • Support causes and organizations you care about without effort.

  • Save money on your old car's repairs.

  • Make room in your driveway or garage.

  • A better substitute for a meager trade-in offer.

  • Karma is nice when you give.

  • Donations of vehicles are tax deductible!

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