Auto Experts: Cool New Cars Under $18,000

After putting together a listing of all the Auto available for less than $18,000, the editors of Kelley Blue Book's KBB. Com then picked the ten coolest.

Auto Experts: Cool New Cars Under $18,000
Auto Experts: Cool New Cars Under $18,000

Auto Experts: Cool New Cars Under $18,000

Sure, there's no exact formula or calculation, no statistical combination, and no clear description of what makes a car cool. However, there are a number of issues on which the majority of people may agree. Is it enjoyable? Is it fashionable? Do you find it amusing? We evaluate practical considerations as well at Kelley Blue Book. 

Can you receive the capability and adaptability you want, as well as the entertaining and helpful technology you desire? Is all of this accessible at an affordable price? We selected a few fantastic 2022 vehicles and SUVs that meet the bill well.


Types and values of cars

  1. With the average fee of a brand-new vehicle passing $25,000, it is smooth to fall into the trap of believing you need to spend a small fortune to power something worth writing domestic about.
  2. Unless you're looking to impress your friends, neighbors, and coworkers with the size of your monthly bill, the access end of the market has more stylish cars, vans, and SUVs than ever before.
  3. The editors of Kelley Blue Book's compiled a list of all the autos available for less than $18,000.

The top ten were chosen by Com. Rather than reporting just on vehicles' Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (MSRPs), the listing is based on each model's New Car Blue Book value, which is the price people normally pay in the market. The down payment on the car and the loan rate may be used to calculate your real payment.

Auto Experts: Cool New Cars Under $18,000
Auto Experts: Cool New Cars Under $18,000

Under $18,000, the Top 10 Coolest New Cars

  • Toyota Yaris-With a long history as a reliable provider in Europe, the Toyota Saris makes its way to the United States as the company's most affordable vehicle. Sporting surprisingly cool styling, Toyota satisfactory and a 34/metropolis and 40/freeway MPG score, the Saris' fee (extra) that exceeds its underneath-$12,000 beginning charge.
  • Scion bathe lb has proven that being square is fashionable nowadays. Not only does its slab-sided appearance set it out, but its boxy dimensions also imply that this little, fuel-efficient vehicle is a relatively roomy mover of people and things.
  • Dodge Caliber-Caliber changes the small-vehicle game by providing a larger, more flexible interior packed with way-cool features such as an air-conditioned storage bin to keep liquids bloodless, a rear audio system that turns down the task outward from the open tailgate, a 110-volt outlet for powering small electronics, and a self-charging flashlight.
  • Kia Sportage-When shopping for your first SUV, bang-for-the-dollar is a completely cool element to discover. Pricing out the Kia S portage is sort of amusing when you get to consist of a sunroof, a great stereo and a tire pressure monitor excited about under $16,500.
  • Chevrolet Horas cool as the 1940s-style outdoors are, the Chevrolet Her is as cool for its environmentally friendly use of space and useful features like far off the start and the increasingly deemed obligatory iPod port. It has the towing capacity of a compact SUV while driving like a car.
  • Ford Fusion-Size does count in number, so getting a nicely-styled, contemporary midsize sedan with the roominess and comfort of the new Fusion is cool. Even higher is the sudden level of gadget for the charge, along with far off-key less access, tilt steerage wheel and cruise manipulate.
  • Nissan Frontier-Utility is in, and not anything's greater utilitarian than a pickup. The Frontier backs up its sharp styling with a wonderful trip and dealing with it.
  • Mazda3-The Mazda3 is a clever one-two punch to the compact-car segment, available as a hatchback or sedan. We can't decide which version we like, but the combination of superb driving characteristics, a luxurious interior, and a striking exterior makes this a "cool automobiles" list repeated.
  • Honda Civic-Remember when U2 was cool, then they weren't so cool in the mid-90s, and then they were cool again? The Civic, on the other hand, has taken a different path to reclaim its status as possibly the best economical car ever built—and as stylish as ever.
  • Scion TC-If you're stylish enough to get it, the TC's sleek appearance and cutting-edge features provide Lexus-like technology in a budget-friendly vehicle. The upgraded audio features, like as steering-wheel gauges and iPod compatibility, stand out this year.

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