Advice on how to take care of your automobile

Aside from routine maintenance, your car also needs less frequent but essential maintenance to live a long and productive life. 

These chores include changing the transmission fluid, rotating the tires, and doing oil changes.

When was the last time you drained your car? Don't stand on the roadside before your holiday. 
Tires, levels, bodywork, and grandma's remedy... We'll give you a list of tips and tricks to maintain your car.

Advice on how to take care of your automobile
Advice on how to take care of your automobile


7 important tips

School, work, shopping... Your car keeps going back and forth all year round. Taking care of her daily is to increase your safety onboard and make long-term savings! Here are some easy and inexpensive maintenance tips to get off the road safely this summer.

1. Levels of liquids

By checking the oil level regularly, you avoid serious problems with the mechanics of your car! Nothing could be simpler: 

  • Park your car on flat ground and check once your car has been stopped for at least 15 minutes. 

  • The level is indicated on the gauge rod. A drain every 15,000 kilometers on average is the trick!

  • To check the level of the coolant indicated on the expansion vessel, allow the engine to cool for at least two hours. 
  • Be careful not to take boiling liquid in your eyes! Bring goggles and gloves just in case!
  • Finally, the brake fluid must be between the max level and the min level of the reservoir. 
  • Of course, you don't have to check it every day, 3 years is the average. 
  • Any doubt? An abnormal level? Contact a professional right away, or follow the tips to check your car levels.

2. Your car needs to stretch its wheels

Did you know that a car that sleeps in the parking lot costs you money and gets damaged over time? Roll it! If you can't do it yourself, rent your car from a private person.

Platforms like Yes Car offer to connect you with tenants near you. You earn money, which then allows you to reimburse your maintenance costs. Let your car express itself and work hard to keep it healthy. Don't exhaust it, either.

3. Light the lighting

Some checks are done at night, such as lighting and visibility. Yeah, we all tend to forget. Check the light bulbs carefully, if they are exhausted, they must be changed. 

Don't wait for them to turn off. LED bulbs for your car? They consume less, last longer, and offer a more homogeneous light. Try, you will see!

4. Release the pressure, but not your tires

The average life of a tire is 30,000 kilometers. But its wear depends on how you use it and how you drive. As a reminder, the values are written inside the door or in the vehicle maintenance guide.

Check the pressure of the 4 tires, cold, at least 1 time per month. And if you need to change your tires, consider Jumbo Tires. It’s superfast, efficient and above all without a date. You get there like at the drive! You can choose from over 50,000 tires in stock.

5. What about the wipers in all this?

It may not seem to be a priority, but it is essential. Check the condition of the windshield to avoid getting stuck on the road in case of rain and prevent wear of the windshield with bad friction. 

To do this, lift the wiper blades and put your hand over the entire length to control the rubber. If it’s smooth and uncluttered, it’s good! And in winter, you have to use antifreeze fluid.

6. A sparkling body

Caring for your car starts with looking after your body. Bring a bucket of water, a sponge, and a jet of water if you have one. Stitch, clean, rinse... every nook and cranny has to go through it. First the roof, then the sides, the windshield, the windows, and finally the bases.

After that, other products exist if you want them to be sparkling. Wax or royal jelly for bodywork, toothpaste (yes, yes) for headlights, and a mixture of water and vinegar for windows. All of these products should be used with caution, gentleness, and small doses.

7. Listen, your car is talking to you

It may sound silly, but it can avoid many problems! Keep an eye out for suspicious noise from your car.

Don't get paranoid, either! But if suspicious sounds are repeated, do not hesitate to take a meeting with a garage attendant. If you let a problem persist, it may cost you candy!

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