12 Best Small Car Brands

As exciting as it is, finding a new Small Car Brands can be a huge task, even if you're just looking for a small car

If it's a popular type of vehicle for city motorists, the small car market offers many brands and allows drivers a wide range of choices.

Each offers the allure of lower running costs and affordable price tags, though you may have to sacrifice a bit of legroom and trunk space. But with so many brands available, it's a tough thing to locate the best small car brands for this year 2021.

In addition to the price and maintenance costs, another important feature to evaluate in these Small Car Brands is the reliability of these cars. Drivers should feel confident that their car will not fail, and if it does, that they are not faults that leave you stranded and that you can solve.

12 Best Small Car Brands
12 Best Small Car Brands

Small Car Brands

Our list presents the most recognized small car brands, urban, compact, based on the usual consumption in Europe and America. In Asia, the small car market is dominated by Japanese Kei-cars, which by European standards cannot be considered cars because of their technical specifications. And in India, for three-wheeled cars, which aren't cars.

1. Mazda

Mazda has been a dominant brand in the small car market, with its Mazda2 so popular with motorists. While the Japanese manufacturer's range may not be as extensive as other brands, when it finds a winning formula, it sometimes doesn't need additional models. Mazda is highly rated for reliability, point-of-sale service, handling experience, after-sales service, and overall satisfaction. Mazda also has a very good value for money.

2. Hyundai

With a range of small cars including popular models such as i10, i30, and Elantra, Hyundai could be a dealership stop worth it if you're looking for plenty of options in the small-car segment. Although the South Korean brand has recently focused on its SUV range, small-car lovers still have plenty to get excited about with Hyundai, with consistent performance over the years and a very good overall satisfaction rating.

3. Toyota

With a vehicle for almost every occasion, Toyota is a popular brand on the roads. In its line of small cars, Toyota offers people's favorites like the Aygo and Yaris, as well as the Prius C hybrid for those looking to be a bit greener. By improving last year's results, Toyota is highly recognized by its users because of its reliability, point-of-sale service, and driving experience. And its value for money is second to none.

4. Honda

Instead of offering a wide variety of small cars, Japanese manufacturer Honda appears to have chosen quality rather than quantity, particularly with its modest Jazz model, which has been a big hit with motorists in recent years. Honda has a very good reputation gained for its reliability and overall satisfaction, although it has always been a little more expensive than its competition. For those looking for a more eco-friendly car, you might have to wait a little longer with Honda, with an electric Jazz model expected to be released sometime in the year 2022.

5. Volkswagen

  • It would be very rare to hit the streets and not see a small Volkswagen, with the German brand exploding in popularity over the past decade, and consolidating in the small car market with the Golf and Polo models. 
  • The Up model also wants to consolidate into this range. 
  • Beetle fans might have to turn to second-hand, however, as their products will end this year, although the model is likely to reappear as a fully electric model in the future.
  • The great secret of Volkswagen's success has known how to compete in almost every car segment, and with great quality. 
  • Its users rate it as an excellent brand, reliable, with very good value for money and optimal service.

6. Kia

Best known for its Rio models, Kia has diversified its line of small cars to include the Picanto and Cerato models to bolster the ranks. While the recent focus has been on the Korean brand's SUV range, motorists still have plenty to choose from when it comes to finding a smaller vehicle. Without neglecting its former image as a "cheap and cheerful" brand, Kia maintains its excellent value for money and high reliability among its users.

7. Chevrolet

Chevrolet has several small options for motorists to decide from, including models like the Spark and the Beat. This brand already has many years of success in this industry segment, since they noticed that users' preference for small cars was on the rise.

American brands had a preference for spacious, large, high-volume cars with an exaggerated energy cost. All of that has changed, owing mainly to Japanese influence over small, low-cost cars. Chevrolet was able to take advantage of all these features in its models.

8. Ford

Ford also couldn't fall behind in this area of the market. Its famous Ford Ka won countless awards for its design line and performance. And every year it's re-evaluated and improved. This became Ford the flagship model for the small car segment and has remained in competition with Japanese and South Korean cars.

The Ford Ka 2021 is a small car, very powerful, versatile, relatively comfortable, and with a fairly acceptable price-quality ratio. Ford is scheduled to pull out hybrid or electric versions of this model, but there is still awaited.

9. Fiat

Fiat in Europe has a big stake. And their models are geared to soft and light driving in cities. Its famous Fiat Uno, although discontinued, was a model that delivered many satisfactions to the brand. Fiat wanted to replicate that success it had with small cars, by presenting to the market its precious Fiat 500.

This model is inspired by the old Fiat 500 of the '60s, but with a more modern line and of course the performance of these times. It's not luxury, but it's a very nice, comfortable, and practical car for urban driving.

10. Renault

The French giant has also had a very good share of the small car market. Small cars are very well seen in Europe, especially in France and Spain. Renault has unveiled the already famous Renault Twizy, a tiny electric car, which many consider not a car but a quadricycle. That's why we didn't put it on our list, but it earned at least one mention.

For small, compact cars, Renault has the Twingo and the Clio as its battle horses. These cars have quite a bit of time on the market, and every year they are improved using feedback from their powerful after-sales service across Europe.

11. Seat

The Spanish brand Seat has a representative in the small car sector with its Seat Mii model. A very comfortable 5-door model, with a power of almost 70 HP and fuel efficiency of almost 5 liters per 100 Km. Its value for money is very good, and it has a great presence in the European market. Its pre- and post-sales service are one of the best. Seat plans to release an electric version of this car by this year or the year 2022.

12. Citroën

  • Citroën is another French brand on our list. Its small cars are stylish, beautiful, and have an innovative line. 
  • It is currently part of the PSA Group comprising Peugeot and Opel, to ensure real competition to the Renault monster and its group.
  • The Citroën C1 is a compact, comfortable, and very beautiful car. And it is among the best cars to buy in Europe, for its quality, performance, and reliability.

To Close

Choosing which car to drive with can be a very personal choice, as all drivers have their driving styles and preferences. The decision to go with a small car is popular, as many drivers decide to downsize to maximize fuel and running costs, as well as find easier parking space.

Price is the most important influence factor for those buying a new small car, and of course, running costs.

Ultimately, there's a lot to consider when it comes to buying a new small car, as the number of Small Car Brands, models, and extra extras make it a bit confusing, as well as stressful. As a result, it is recommended to compare prices and visit as many dealerships as possible to find the best option. With the popularity of small cars, you'll undoubtedly find a suitable option for you, as well as a great deal if you know where to look and when to buy.

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