GMC Hummer EV (2022): 1000 hp and 100% electric

 We thought he was gone, like the dinosaurs. Now the Hummer is resurfacing with 100% electric propulsion.

GMC Hummer EV (2021): 1000 hp and 100% electric

New hummer 2022

GMC Hummer EV (2022) - The« Republican ». This is the term that could fit the spirit of the new Hummer. Still, as imposing, but now driven by the electric fairy, would the colossus be able to reconcile the two-party America, campaigning both for social progress and for its conservative roots?

The Resurrection

Disappeared in 2010, after only 18 years of exploitation by the public, the Hummer emblem is reborn. Not as a full-fledged car manufacturer, but as a« simple» model within the GMC range, in which proliferate pick-up and utility vehicles of all kinds. 

  • With the release of the Hummer EV, General Motors’ parent company is proud to be cutting the grass under Musk’s feet, a few months ahead of the launch of the final version of the Tesla Cybertruck, its main rival, which is highly anticipated overseas. 
  • Especially since the new Hummer data sheet doesn’t have to be ashamed of the comparison with its Californian counterpart.

Iron hand in a velvet glove

Although its dimensions have not been revealed, it is possible to guess that the craft extends about 6 meters in length and rises around two meters. 

That's roughly the dimensions displayed by Tesla's pickup truck. Although its silhouette is impressive, well camped on 35» wheels, the GMC Hummer EV plays on soft lines, opposite the Cybertruck. Its light ramp sweeps the entire width of the bow and cleverly incorporates dynamic headlights indicating the level of the battery, in the manner of« small bars» informing us about the autonomy of our smartphones.

He goes everywhere

True to its reputation as an extreme franchisor, it minimizes its front and rear overhangs to optimize its attack angles in hostile terrain. 

An inclination that follows the profile of the front shield, which is planned at each side end, and in the center of which are exposed two huge hooks, to get out of any situation. In this respect, we can guess that the protective shoe will be able to accommodate the inevitable winch, necessary for any self-respecting adventurer.

Son of serviceman

The Hummer EV’s gigantic ground clearance has made it essential to integrate step-feet, without the latter encroaching excessively on the sides of the vehicle, always for the sake of efficiency in the crossing phase. 

At the rear, the dumpster is surrounded by two huge vertical LED lights, in a protective strip made of raw plastic. Under the opening, the shield also accommodates two hooks, reassuring us of the vehicle’s ability to be parachuted from an aircraft such as its military derivatives, the famous Humvee, made famous during the Gulf War.

Solid on board

Onboard this double-cabin pick-up, while waiting for the arrival of a broken body, the five passengers bathe in an environment under testosterone, in contradiction with the extreme reduction displayed by the triangular«» Cybertruck. 

  • Here, it’s more like the rectangular era, like the imposing lattice of lateral ventilation, seemingly arranged like books in a library. 
  • A reference that will find a little echo in deep America, caught by the huge digital slabs that sit on the dashboard. 
  • The center touch screen displays a diagonal of 13».

In« crab mode»

But the main thing for GMC Hummer EV is its ability to jump off the beaten track. To achieve this with ease, he has controlled damping capable of raising his attitude by 10 cm, obviously trusts 4 driving wheels, just as steerable. 

« A special feature that allows it to activate the» crab mode, tilting each wheel according to 10°, towards the same direction, to evolve diagonally, like a crustacean decapod. « Evolution can therefore be carried out in all directions, under the protective eye of the Ultravision cameras» housed under the vehicle, to avoid bad obstacles.

Up to 1000 hp

Although the stony tracks are the Hummer EV’s favorite terrain, it is also a fan of billiards, to the point of shipping 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, in its most powerful definition. 

The equivalent of 1000 horsepower is driven by 3 engines with a combined torque of 15,591 Nm, combined with a battery whose capacity has not been officially disclosed. Some corridor noises advance 200 kWh, allowing a range of 563 km. 

About charging, its 800 V architecture is capable of handling a peak power of 350 kW, to recover 160 km of autonomy in just 10 minutes.

A new model every year

In 2022, a second version, developing about 800 hp (12,880 Nm), and capable of reaching 482 km, will appear, when it will be necessary to wait until 2023 to obtain the entry-level 625 hp (10,000 Nm) whose range will be reduced to 400 km.

GMC Hummer EV Award

As a good patriot, it is entirely assembled in Detroit, Michigan. If it is aimed at an international career, the GMC Hummer EV should not be marketed in our latitudes, but will delight companies specializing in the importation and certification of US vehicles.

 Its limited launch series, dubbed« Edition 1 », with 1000 hp, will trade for $112,595, or about €95,000, in the fall of 2021.

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