Spare parts: Production of two Australian plants

When it comes to finding auto parts in Australia, many people think that they are all supplied by international vendors. 

Spare parts: Production of two Australian plants
Spare parts: Production of two Australian plants

Production of two Australian plants

They'd be correct in certain circumstances. Parts for certain automobile models are only available from select sources on the opposite side of the globe, such as Europe. Many parts nowadays are manufactured in China, where it is considerably more cost-effective for businesses to do so.

  • You might be shocked to learn that Australia now has a rising number of firms producing aftermarket auto components. There are at least 300 of them in Australia, which is up from 260 just five years ago. While these businesses primarily serve Australians, they also ship components to nations all around the world. Parts makers in Australia now export to New Zealand, Europe, and even the Middle East!

  • The future for the Australian automobile sector has recently been bleak. This is partly due to the exodus of major automobile manufacturers from Australia in recent years. We do, however, have cause to be hopeful. At the very least, it appears that the aftermarket auto parts industry will continue to expand in the near and medium-term.

As previously stated, Australia presently has over 300 aftermarket car parts manufacturers. In this post, we'll take a look at a few notable businesses that are manufacturing high-quality parts in Australia for Australians.

Dorman Australasia is a company based in Australia

Dorman Australasia prides itself on being a global pioneer in the delivery of high-quality aftermarket components. They manufacture a wide range of components for passenger automobiles, diesel vehicles, and even heavy-duty vehicles. Dorman frequently provides replacements for automotive parts that are normally only available through dealers. This, of course, makes the lives of parts installers and the clients they service a lot simpler.

Dorman just announced the release of more than 250 new aftermarket vehicle components in April 2020. The most prominent of them is a new OE fix-intake manifold and valve cover kit, which corrects a problem seen in several Chevrolet and Buick models.

Owners of these automobiles will be overjoyed that a locally manufactured solution to their troubles is on the way!

Spare parts: Production of two Australian plants
Spare parts: Production of two Australian plants

Harrop Engineering is a company that specializes in engineering

Another well-known Australian aftermarket parts manufacturer is Harrop Engineering. This one is based in Preston, in Melbourne's northeast. Harrop is well-known in Australia for manufacturing high-quality performance enhancements for a wide range of automobiles.

Harrop manufactures anything from auto OEM superchargers to heavy-duty mining brake components for industrial vehicles. Harrop also specializes in the development of engine and driveline enhancers, as well as braking and cooling systems. All of these are, of course, proudly created in Australia.

Australia's Bosch

Bosch is a German multinational corporation that manufactures anything from refrigerators to power equipment. Bosch Australia's automotive branch, on the other hand, produces aftermarket automobile components that are widely available throughout Australia.

Some of the more basic spare components, such as vehicle batteries, wiper blades, automobile brakes, and spark plugs, are manufactured by Bosch Australia. Most individuals may not consider them to be the most intriguing automotive parts. However, if it has the Bosch name, you may rest assured that it is of the greatest quality.

Milford Industries is a company based in Milford

Milford Industries, headquartered in Adelaide's Camden Park, is another proud Australian enterprise. This multi-award-winning business specializes in vehicle load restraint systems. Tow-bars, roof racks, cargo barriers, and other devices are among the products for which Milford has won design accolades. These devices may be installed in practically any vehicle, including passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, four-wheel drives, and even SUVs.

Milford Industries is a 50-year-old family-owned and operated company. They now have over 70 workers that handle everything in-house, including design, testing, production, and sales and marketing.

The Milford Cargo Barrier is their most well-known product, and it's sold all over the world. This equipment protects passengers in the passenger cabin from any collision that occurs in the vehicle's cargo compartment.

These are just a few of Australia's successful aftermarket car parts manufacturers; there are many more. You won't have to go far in Australia or New Zealand to get the components you need for your car.

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