How To Stop A Car's GPS From Tracking

How to Protect Your Privacy from GPS Tracking in Your Car

The data logger or passive GPS device is the first class of GPS tracking device. The data logger is more akin to a storage device for monitoring and logging a target's location and time data. They often have hard drives or memory cards for storing the position information collected from the satellite system.

How To Stop A Car's GPS From Tracking

They saved the target's latitude and longitude as data. They can also provide the target's timing and velocity in some technologically advanced gadgets. Applications where the target's position is not constantly necessary call for this kind of gadget. Such GPS units are if your demands match them.

Is Your Car Tracked?

How To Locate And Remove A GPS Device!

People require regular reassurance of the safety and security of their loved ones and their valued possessions in today's fast-paced environment. Installing a GPS monitoring system is a tried-and-true way to ensure security and feel at peace in light of this. However, there are times when a tracking device may be used without the subject's knowledge to keep track of their whereabouts and activities. 

What if a GPS gadget was put in your own car? Your security would then be compromised, therefore you would want to locate the GPS tracker and get rid of it as quickly as you can. The four best techniques to check your car for GPS data recorders and live GPS trackers that could be watching your every move are listed below.


Examine your vehicle's interior

Additionally, GPS trackers may be covertly installed or disguised within your automobile. This is probably only the case if you believe that a close friend or family member, such as a spouse or an ex, put the device. At order to find one, look in these popular places: Source: XResearch

  • throughout the diagnostic port.
  • beneath the chairs.
  • floor mats beneath.

How Do I Turn Off My Car's GPS?

Jamming through spoofing, which involves emitting false signals to be mistaken with the signals sent by the tracker, and blocking wireless signals are two methods used to deactivate vehicle trackers. Spoofing involves generating false signals to be fooled with the signals sent by the tracker. Another method for disabling a car tracker is to cover it with metal.

Installing a signal jammer in a car's cigarette lighter port can instantly disable a GPS tracker. By sending out signals that cause the GPS to get confused and render the automobile invisible to the satellite, it serves as a barrier that spans 30 feet from the vehicle. 

However, because they obstruct adjacent genuine GPS signals, several nations forbid the sale and possession of GPS jammers. like those in other vehicles, those in airplanes, or even those in military vehicles. With GPS spoofing, signals are sent that the satellite detects and interprets as coming from a different position than the vehicle. 

A cellphone jammer can be used to prevent vehicle trackers that send updates to satellites through wireless signals. The majority of tracking devices are concealed, but if one is discovered, it may be coated with metal to impede signals to and from the device.

How To Stop A Car's GPS From Tracking

Advice On How To Hide A Battery

When stealing a car nowadays, some burglars may look for a concealed GPS tracking device. However, they often won't have much time to look before driving off. Therefore, there is a considerable possibility they won't find a GPS tracker if you are strategic about where you hide it. Of course, if you've never concealed a GPS before, you might not be familiar with the optimum locations in a car to do so.

When you install a GPS tracker in your car or truck, you have a wide range of places at your disposal. You must locate it such that it may remain hidden but yet broadcast the signal from that area while doing so. Let's examine some of the greatest places to conceal a GPS tracker.

You might wish to take the dashboard into account. The tracking devices may be concealed in the dashboard, making them difficult for criminals to locate. To ensure that the GPS vehicle tracker stays securely in place once you attach it to the dashboard, you may apply some Velcro to the interior of the dashboard. 

You will still have very simple access to the GPS tracking gadget as only you will know the location. A GPS that is concealed might be placed underneath the seats. Because of the device's modest size, you can tuck GPS tracking hardware up and under the seat. Just make sure it's not going to get moved by placing it in a secure spot.

You can follow your car anywhere in the world

  • If your car is stolen, you may follow it and remotely turn off the engine for complete control and peace of mind.
  • Keep Safe; when the thieves have driven gone, just turn off the engine.
  • Low cost to purchase, simple installation in two hours or less by a DIY enthusiast or a car electrician.
  • Add your own affordable Pay As You Go SIM card starting at 1p for each text. is controllable by calling for.
  • Location. Order to stop while the car is moving at less than 12 mph or 20 km/h.
  • Sending commands using an app.
  • Utilize the History feature of the app to see if your car was driven when it was parked in long-term airport parking while you were away.

How To Take A GPS Disabler Out Of A Car

  • This tutorial will demonstrate how to take a GPS Disabler off of your car. A word of caution: 
  • If your automobile is subject to a lien, turning off the GPS might anger the lienholder. 
  • They can then force you to make payments on your debts or seize your automobile if you default. The trim under the dash was removed using screw drivers. wire cutters/pliers.

How To Stop A Car's GPS From Tracking

Car GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices are satellite-powered gadgets that can precisely track the whereabouts of an automobile, where it has been, and how long it has been parked there. The technology is frequently employed in fleet management-related applications, but in recent years, it has been applied in more applications overall. 

These applications can be used in situations where someone would covertly mount a GPS tracker on a vehicle. Examples of this include situations where a person fears their spouse is having an affair or when a used car dealership installs a tracker on a vehicle in case they need to seize it due to late payments.

Use GPS tracking to protect your vehicles

Systems for immobilizing vehicles provide fleet owners and company owners a number of advantages. Businesses may maintain visibility and actively manage their fleets by installing vehicle tracking and disabling devices in their cars, trucks, and other motorized assets and equipment. 

Anti-theft immobilizers are available for automobiles as well as other corporate or commercial vehicles using electronic vehicle immobilization equipment. Car GPS trackers and disablers, which have the potential to monitor stolen automobiles, speed up the process of recovering lost or stolen assets and can lower expensive insurance premiums with the enhanced security of asset management and recovery.

The advantages of GPS tracker immobilizers for corporate automobiles include better visibility of both the vehicles and the drivers as well as data monitoring of the whereabouts of your inventory and asset utilisation. 

In addition to providing additional protection, the data acquired by Digital Matters' electronic auto immobilizers may also be used to reduce total expenses related to inefficiencies, driver safety and behavior, and routine vehicle maintenance.

using the tracking services of Trackerzone

Now that you are aware of what to do with a gadget that was secretly put in your automobile. But let's say you do want to install one in your car and use it to track its whereabouts and vital indicators like the battery or the ignition.

Utilizing TrackerZone tracking services is the best course of action in that situation. Since this business has been in operation for more than ten years, you can count on them to treat you with the utmost expertise. They are professionals that offer premium tracking services at fair pricing.

I discovered a GPS tracker on my car; can I legally remove it?

A GPS tracker on your automobile might be an unsettling discovery. If they discovered a real-time GPS tracker on their own car, any rational person would feel violated of their privacy. But it's crucial to understand why that piece of technology is there before you take matters into your own hands and remove the tracking device from the automobile. The rationale is that removing a GPS tracking device from an automobile may be prohibited in certain circumstances and appropriate in others.

Remove the cables and equipment

Remove the cord from your car's battery right now. The components are easy to remove. Pull the GPS antenna while disengaging the antennae at the receiver. Restore the automobile to its peak condition. After successfully removing the device from the car, you must reattach all of the ignition wires and replace the parts in their original locations. If you reconnected all of the cables, it would help.

It's possible that the cables were damaged during the GPS tracker device installation in your automobile. Remove it and reconnect it if you've found the damage. Now, trying to start your automobile is the only method to be sure you haven't made a mistake. You accomplished everything perfectly if it starts!

The GPS System in Your Car

Some folks are interested in learning how to turn off car GPS monitoring. Maybe you don't feel comfortable having a GPS system follow you around all the time. However, it's not the simplest thing to accomplish. There are ways to turn off GPS monitoring devices in automobiles and trucks. GPS systems are widely used nowadays. GPS devices are standard equipment in most new autos. 

These GPS systems for automobiles and trucks are quite helpful since they allow you to locate yourself in case you become lost or to track down your vehicle in case it has been stolen. These GPS systems are also being used by parents to monitor newly licensed adolescent drivers.

Learn How To Trick A GPS Tracker To Disable A Vehicle's Tracking Device

GPS trackers are tiny gadgets that may be carried by or pre-installed in a moving vehicle to track the location and activity of the vehicle. Because they know precisely when and who took their treasured asset, criminals will never be able to get away with stealing your vehicle with this knowledge! 

Please read the following information to learn:

  • How can you know whether your automobile is equipped with a GPS tracker?
  • Can an automobile tracking device be turned off?
  • How to stop a car's GPS tracking

Examine the outside of your car

  • GPS trackers may be affixed to the outside of your automobile with tape or magnets. Look for boxes that appear odd and may even have antennae. Look in difficult-to-reach places, such as the undercarriage or the wheel wells, using a flashlight. Some of the locations where a tracker can be found are listed below: Source: XResearch
  • the chassis, especially on or next to the gasoline tank.
  • Throughout the wheel wells.
  • Immediately in front of or behind the bumpers.
  • on a roof.
  • in the opening for retracting the sunroof.
  • beneath the hood.

Onstar GPS tracking devices can be disabled

So let's begin the process of deactivating one step at a time.

Step 1: call the OnStar customer support helpline to cancel your subscription

You can cancel your use of the OnStar system at any time by pressing your blue OnStar button or by dialing 1.888.4ONSTAR. The OnStar GPS Tracking service will be turned off once you speak with the contact center representative who will question you about certain details throughout the procedure.

The OnStar system will still collect your data once the service is turned off, though, for things like marketing. Therefore, you must physically detach the OnStar module in order to totally deactivate the system in your car.

Step 2: Turn Off the Ignition

In order to prevent your car from moving while it is functioning, first turn off the ignition and use the parking brake.

Step 3: Lift of the trunk liner

The OnStar module is often positioned in the back of the car, requiring you to open the trunk. The spare tire may then be simply removed with no difficulty.

Step 4: Remove the Spare Tyre

Step 5: Take Off the Metal Plate and Cargo Net

The metal plate may be found in the corner of the trunk if your automobile doesn't have a cargo net there. Once the metal plate has been located, remove the four screws to do so.

Step 6: Remove the top right of the shell of the trunk

Pull the top right corner of the trunk shell to reveal the Onstar gadget once you have finished removing the net and metal plate from the trunk. The reporting and monitoring system should be activated:

The vehicle's implanted tracking device uses GPS satellites to collect location coordinates, which are then transmitted by cellular to a secure data center. You may view this information from your phone, tablet, or computer using secure internet applications like TramigoCloud or TramigoApp.

The geofencing function will alert you right away when the geofences are entered or left when it is turned on. You may choose to get all warnings via emails or notifications, for instance, and they can all be adjusted. 

Simply configure your software to automatically notify you on your phone anytime the automobile goes through a user-defined checkpoint or restricted area to turn on Zone alarms. All Tramigo systems have the geofence functionality, which is simple to set up using the TramigoApp and TamigCloud.

Enjoy Carlock's Advantages

Consider CarLock when selecting an automobile tracking system. The systems available come with all of the aforementioned possibilities, including the GPS automobile tracking gadget that runs on batteries. 

When you employ the system, you will get alerts on your computer or phone telling you if someone has started the car's engine, if there are strange sensations that would suggest someone breaking into the car, and even if the unit has been detached. These are only a few of the advantages the system may provide. Naturally, it will also offer real-time vehicle tracking for your car. Your car will be more safer if you have a feature that is difficult for thieves to detect.

As you can see, a GPS car tracker is a fantastic choice for the greatest vehicle security. You can get the security and knowledge you require when you choose to conceal the automobile anti-theft equipment in one of the ways outlined above. The best part is that it is far less likely to be discovered, which increases the likelihood that you will find your car if it is stolen. Don't leave your car vulnerable for another day. Purchase a reliable GPS car tracker as soon as possible and conceal it in your car.

Gps Signal Is It Blocked By Aluminum Foil?

School science experiments demonstrate how aluminum foil blocks radio waves and silences radios, and thieves have discovered that doing so may render GPS tracking points untraceable and disappear.

One recent incidence was a man who was also charged with tampering with his own GPS device; in order to prevent anyone from knowing where he would be at all times, he had wrapped it with metalized coated paper.

Where Should GPS Tracking Devices Be Installed On Cars?

A car's GPS tracker can either be a standalone device or one that plugs into the OBD-II port. Anywhere within or underneath the automobile is a suitable location for a freestanding GPS tracker.

The OBD-II port, which is located on the driver's side, often under the steering wheel and to the left, is where a plug-in GPS car tracking device is connected. To reach the OBD port, you might have to remove the plastic dash cover.

Gps Tracking Car Device

You may need to install a GPS tracking device for an automobile for a variety of reasons. A GPS tracker is an anti-theft tool in addition to a tracking tool. Drivers can check their driving abilities and routine travel behaviors with the use of the gadget. Most rental vehicles, ambulance services, etc. employ GPS trackers. Installing a GPS monitoring device in a car is simpler than it first looks.


The location where the GPS tracker will be placed must be chosen after the sort of GPS tracking device for your automobile has been decided. Now you may store the tracker somewhere out of sight if you wish to check it while driving. The majority of trackers are positioned underneath entertainment systems to make it simple to connect them to the charging outlet.

  • First, make sure your car is being monitored correctly.
  • Next, take your car for a spin in every direction. Check the direction data for any mistakes.
  • Try using your nav system. Additionally, try using the known route network.
  • Verify the route optimization.


The features of GPS auto trackers vary depending on the manufacturer. The typical locations on an automobile where a GPS tracker may be mounted are:

  • gloves container.
  • The brake light's inside.

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