10 Hardest-To-Steal Cars

 Even the best thieves avoid these ten most difficult-to-steal cars

Modern automobiles, such as the BMW 3 Series and the Tesla Model S, have outstanding security systems that make them almost hard to steal. Modern anti-theft devices have had a significant impact in reducing crime rates and deterring thieves.

10 Hardest-To-Steal Cars

Cars are increasingly being equipped with modern anti-theft technologies, such as GPS trackers so that owners can follow their vehicle's location. Certain automobiles will also notify their owners of any suspicious activities and trigger a kill button to disable the vehicle.

Even though vehicle theft rates have been declining since 1990, drivers in high-car theft regions face substantially higher insurance premiums than those in surrounding areas with fewer documented occurrences. This is understandable given how expensive it is for insurance companies to pay out on theft claims.

If your automobile is stolen, having adequate insurance coverage will guarantee that you are taken care of. Jerry, a vehicle insurance and broker app, will help you get affordable auto insurance even if you reside in a high-car-theft area.

Continue reading to learn more about the most difficult automobiles to steal.

What characteristics make an automobile difficult to steal?

When looking at statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on vehicle theft, you'll discover that some characteristics are associated with reduced theft rates. The following are some of these characteristics:

  • Vehicles with advanced safety measures are frequently left alone, since the thief is more likely to be caught in the act.

  • Bright and unique-colored automobiles (that aren't sports cars) are less likely to be stolen since they attract too much attention, which is the last thing a thief wants.

  • Size of the vehicle—large automobiles are more difficult to steal since their huge profile stands out amid average-sized vehicles.

  • Car rarity—rare automobiles are less likely to be stolen since they stand out like a sore thumb and make it difficult for a thief to blend in with traffic.

  • Automobiles with a poor appearance—thieves steal cars to make a quick payday. They will avoid the bother rather than risk being caught if the automobile does not appear to be valued.

You may reduce the danger of your automobile being stolen by selecting a vehicle that has one or more of the characteristics listed above.

You may install third-party anti-theft gadgets like steering wheel locks, concealed kill switches, GPS trackers, and dash cams to make your present car more difficult to steal.

10 Hardest-To-Steal Cars
10 Hardest-To-Steal Cars 

The ten automobiles that are the most difficult to steal

We've produced a list of 10 automobiles to consider if you want to acquire one of the least-stolen cars to set your mind at ease.

BMW 3 Series Four-Door 

The BMW 3 Series was the least-stolen automobile in the United States, according to research by the Highway Loss Data Institute. It's unclear if this is due to the car's lack of attractiveness to thieves or the fact that it's too tough to break into—just let's suppose it's the latter!

Model S by Tesla

Because of its anti-theft measures, the Tesla Model S is regarded as one of the safest automobiles on the road. Tesla owners may track their vehicles using their smartphones.

Tesla would be notified right away if the burglar was able to get into the system and disable the tracker.

Jaguar XF 

The In Control software is available to Jaguar XF owners, and it can assist police in tracking and recovering their vehicle if it is stolen. Even if the automobile is broken into, it may be double-locked so that it cannot be started.

Not to add the fact that Jaguars aren't commonly seen on the road, so it'd be easy to recognize (pun intended).

Nissan Leaf is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

The Nissan Leaf won't start the engine if the car key isn't within range. Even if it's in neutral, it won't move. There's also a quick-response GPS tracking system. Attempting to steal a Nissan Leaf is perilous for thieves.

Tucson (Hyundai)

The Hyundai Tucson's alarm is tough to disable, so taking it would be anything but covert. A

transponder immobilizer protects Tucson from being hot-wired.

Audi A4 is an automobile manufactured by Audi

Because it is equipped with advanced anti-theft technology that makes it incredibly difficult to steal, the Audi A4 has a low theft rate. The electronic control unit (ECU) is linked to a specific chip in the key, and the automobile will not start without it.

Discovery Land Rover

The Land Rover Discovery employs ultra-wide-band radio technology, which broadcasts the key signal across a wide frequency range. This implies that signal amplifiers or relay devices commonly used by thieves will have a hard time picking up the key's signal and replicating it.

HS 250h Lexus

The Lexus HS 250h contains a device that makes unlocking the car very tough for thieves: The unlock buttons will quickly drop if the automobile senses that the lock is being pulled up.

Model X by Tesla

The Tesla Model X, although being the cheaper sister of the Tesla Model S, has an identical degree of protection, making it one of the most difficult automobiles to steal.

It also features a Sentry Mode, which allows the car to record its surroundings even when it is turned off, in addition to GPS tracking.

TAC Mercedes-Benz GL 550

The Texas Armoring Corporation's (TAC) Mercedes-Benz GL 550 features a bulletproof exterior, so you won't have to worry about gun-toting burglars. All you have to do now is sit back and wait for reinforcements.

Finding a suitable auto insurance policy

While it is unlikely that your automobile will be stolen every day, it is always better to be cautious than sorry. This involves ensuring your automobile with adequate coverage so that you are compensated if it is stolen.

In under 45 seconds, you may obtain additional coverage with Jerry, a registered insurance broker app. Jerry will assist you in comparing rates from over 50 top insurance companies and will even handle the paperwork once you have decided on a new policy.

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